Any left-handed gamers here?

Do fellow lefties use the mouse with your right or left hand? I’m trying to remember when I made the decision to go with mousing with the right, I’m thinking it was around 2005 since I remember the place I was living at the time when I decided to do it, because I wanted a better mouse. I’ve noticed when trying to track something in an aim trainer or fps game that despite messing with sensitivity and such my movement with my right arm is always a bit jerky instead of fairly smooth. Lately I’ve been thinking of trying to switch back, playing around a bit yesterday I think the biggest hurdle might be using the keyboard with the right hand now, and coming up with a comfortable setup for that. I’m wondering if I should try a cheap gaming keypad that you can use with your right hand. That might feel less awkward than the keyboard does right now. I probably just need to keep working at it, and eventually it will feel better, but I’m curious what other people here are doing if they are left-handed. Online I saw someone did their keybindings on the opposite side of the keyboard, which would be a major pain in the ass, but might feel more natural with the index finger not relegated to the edge and the thumb by the space bar.

I’ve always used the mouse with my right hand. Left hand rests on the WASD with thumb on space. Keyboard input has always felt much better than mouse input. I’m never bested the learning curve with a left-handed mouse. So I’m not sure how much more smoother mouse movement could be for me.

Mouse with right hand always. It’s the only way that feels natural to me after all these years.

Left-handed here, but I use standard right-handed layouts for basically everything.

It’s really annoying trying to learn left-handed layouts when basically everything is designed for right-handed play, including tutorials, and on top of that, I play a lot of games that use specialty controllers and don’t always acknowledge their left-handed control options properly.

Like the others, left handed gamer using a mouse with the right since mice were relatively common…early 90s for sure but maybe late 80s.

But now I have a reason as to why I stink at FPS!.

Yeah, same, I’m left-handed, only time this is proved a problem is in VR headset where I sometimes feel the right hand is a bit unwieldy in some cases…Otherwise, WASD + mouse is right-hand setup always.

One of my early jobs required a lot of writing, so I learned to mouse with the right hand so I could write with the left. Still a right-handed mouser to this day.

Lady Bismarck is also left-handed and uses the mouse in her right hand, but flips the buttons so that the rmb is mb1. But she also puts her taskbar at the top of the screen so there’s no hope for her.

Lefty here, right-handed mouse user too. I can’t remember ever consciously choosing the right hand, it just happened.

My dad is right handed and uses his left hand for the mouse, so I grew up thinking most right handed people would do that. I think that was because of RSI though. I also bat (in cricket) right handed and its much more natural that way, but everything else is with my left. Weird.

What had me thinking of trying switch back was thought that it reminded of trying to draw a line with my left versus right hand. Now I’m wondering if part of the reason I switched back then was the keyboard and bindings being a pain in the ass, and not just wanting to be able to use any mouse I wanted. I imagine I’ll just keep trucking with my right hand.

I mainly used mouse left-handed, favouring either specific left-hand mice or ambidextrous designs.

Then a bunch of years ago I decided to switch to right-handed to get more mouse options. It worked ok after a while, and now I can mouse/key reasonably well with both hands.

But left still gives better control. Ultimately, I switched to playing games that supported controller, and for work mostly dropping the mouse and using touch and pen tablet instead. :)

I game with my left hand on the mouse. I can mouse with the right hand, but I prefer left.

I used the numpad on the keyboard for a long time. Back in the mid-2000s I bought a Zboard Fang ambidextrous keypad, and used that until the wheels fell off.

A couple of years ago I bought an Azeron keypad. That’s what I use now, and I love it. It comes in left- and right-handed versions. Easy to set up, but it took me a week or so to grow accustomed to using it. I’ll still use the keyboard for strategy games, but I this is my go-to device for shooters and such.

edit: In terms of mice, I’ve been using wireless ambidextrous gaming mice, which is a slim category. I was using a Logitech G900 for a while. More recently I’ve been using a Razer Viper Ultimate. In fact I just bought a second Viper Ultimate v1 as a backup, since Razer just released a v2 that gets rid of the right-side buttons.

I’ve been using the razer viper ultimate, which made it real easy to try out my left hand yesterday and see how it felt. It surprisingly felt okay for not having done it for 17 years or so, and it was the keyboard that felt super awkward.

Leftie using the mouse in a left hand. I still feel that we are the discriminated minority that no one talks about. Delete to jump and insert to reload.
Ironically, my son is right handed but plays left handed due to him sneaking onto my computer as a young lad and playing some games.

one thing that’s intrigued me for years is why, in such a right handed world, are the gamepads universally left handed.

I imagine it is that you use the gamepad with the left, and a mouse with the right, if we are talking about things like the Razer Tartarus.

I’ve looked at the Azeron before as a potential Logitech G13 replacement. Good to know you like it. I have tiny little baby hands, so the adjustability is a big draw (I can’t comfortably reach some keys on a g13 or nostromo-type board).

How is the software to use? That has been the one thing that has held me back from trying one.

Did you order direct from them? It looks like all the ones on Amazon are for the left hand.

Lefty who uses the mouse left-handed, and I’ve been doing it that way for so long I can’t go back. My brain plasticity is gone, and I can only proceed as I ever have. Worse, I use the numpad and nearby keys for movement, which leads to all kinds of problems. Almost every game requires a slightly different setup.

So many posts about alternate key binds or left-handed configurations begin with an apology, as if there’s a flaw in using the tools that way. I wish games would just let us bind anything to anything. Let me play how my brain wants me to, I’m begging you. (Especially you, Bethesda.)

Even the ones I saw on Amazon are sold by them, but they cost more.

Yes, that was the only way to buy one at the time. They had a backlog of orders, but it still only took about 2-3 weeks to deliver.