Any truth to this? (EQ2)

While always late but worth the wait, one wonders if this will pan out any better than WoW’s BG’s.

Anyone know anything about the validity of this?


Most likely true.

I know that they have been working on pvp stuff for a while now.

But is the PvP CS style? I think not.

What are we looking at? I can’t see the images (bandwith exceeded I think).

yeh i can’t see shit all

Well, when I created the links, the images were there, but of course now that we can’t see them I don’t remember what they looked like :shock:

I’m sure we’ll see some kind of formal press release or announcement on shortly.


If your question was whether PvP is coming to EQ2, yes it is, but only within an arena environment. It’s completely avoidable if you don’t want it. You’ll be able to enter an arena to do battle, and win prizes and faction with the merchants around. My understanding is that you can battle either as your self, or in the form of an avatar. As you win more and more status from your successes, you can choose from different and fancier avatar forms.

This should be coming with the first expansion, which I think is about a month or two away.

What is the PvP in EQ2? Actually you collect and battle collectable monsters. This is the pokemon bit everyone has been talking about for a while now.

They are also adding “Guild Wars” characters. In the sense you can build directly levelled PvP chars and fight with them.