Any XBLA MS Points deals on right now?

I just bought a $40 2800pt card from Walmart and it won’t work when I tried to redeem it to buy R-Type Dimensions. I’m thinking it’s due to my XBLA account having been created with a USA 12+1 month code from the MS Employee Store.

Are there any deals on for MS Points right now?

What do you mean? You don’t redeem those cards for games. You redeem them for points. And then with the points, you can buy the games. Am I misunderstanding you?

To clarify, for Americans, you can buy the games directly from here. It’s cool that you can pay the $ directly without the hassle of the points and get the 25-digit code directly for the game.

Apparently my 2800pt card does work on my account–I was confused by its rejection when I tried to enter it at the “redeem code” option that was specifically JUST for the game and that that redemption point didn’t also let me add a 25-digit code to top-up my MS Points balance. It’s not very clear that the “redeem code” options are different. Having my 2800pt code not work at the first “redeem code” made me think my XBLA account wasn’t setup to take it. I’m supposed to try to download the full version, have it popup with my points balance and then use THAT “redeem code” option to add points via a code.

Knowing my luck though, probably typo on my part.

Before I figured this out, I got a USA-based friend to buy the R-Type Dimensions code off directly for me, thinking that my XBLA account was USA based. It recognizes the code fine but won’t actually let me download it, citing a status code error 80153022.

I think this is the region cock-blocking happening now. So I’m out the $15USD on the R-Type Dimensions–I’ll give it away now.