Anyone catch John Edwards on The Daily Show?

What a total asshat! Working for minimum wage? Running a poverty center? A college program for underprivileged children? Sending profits from his book to International Rescue Commission and Habitat for Humanity? What a useless shit!

Man I would have so much more respect for the guy if he wrote some legislation that helped out some mega coperation and then became it’s CEO and made assloads of money. Some company like Haliburton for example. Now that I could respect. Then I could be sure that I was voting in “the grown ups!”

But instead he is working for the poor and underprivileged. Has he not heard of trickle down economics?? What a tard. Fuck that guy.

Edwards was my pick in the 2004 primary. While obviously I can’t say for certain that he would have won if he’d gotten the nomination, he’s likable enough I figure he had to have done at least a little bit better than Kerry, which maybe would have been all that he needed.