Anyone else get a free copy of the Burning Crusade?

Interesting. First EQII offers me a free month if I’ll come back last summer.

Yesterday, I get home and there is a free copy of Burning Crusade in my mailbox. Full blown DVD case and all. Plus a ten day free trial.

(At least I assume it is a free copy of Burning Crusade, and not just some trial that would then make me go buy the whole thing.)

I did. I took a moment and marvelled at the incredible success of WoW. I don’t think any game has ever done a mass mailing campaign before, and certainly not sending out the actual game. Then I chucked it in the trash unopened.

DVD case? Might be a trial. I know Blizzard has been offering 10 day downloadable trials for BC.

The retail version of BC comes in a cardboard box. Did you get an ~ 30 page paper manual, too?

I suspect after the trial period ends you’d have to pay retail price for the product key.

Are you retarded or something? At least sell it, dimwit. (Assuming it’s not a trial.)

Pretty sure this is the 10-day trial that is also downloadable online.

I got the same thing. It is a trial, if you want to play past 10 days you need to buy a retail key. However, it is nice to have WoW and BC on one DVD now instead of 1000 CDs.

A friend I used to play WoW with got one of these in the mail like 2 days ago. I didn’t get one, presumably because I already bought BC months ago and updated my sub for it.

I did.

My question is, why-oh-why didn’t the BC Collector’s ed, which came with a DVD, not have the original WoW on it?

Apparently this marketing thing works. My gf and I picked up copies of BC earlier. They are on sale at Frys for $29.

How casual friendly are the two QT3 affiliated guilds?

“Pretty darn”. Moonrunner for alliance side.

Quite friendly from my perspective. If you get the urge to play horde we’re on Arathor and there’s almost always a few people on in the evenings even when I get home (which is usually around 11pm central).

Yeah, us Moonrunner folks are happy to have you. You can engage in light banter or just listen to us be idiots. You can group or just hang out and solo. I joined back up when BC came out and ended up transferring my level 60 and 44 characters over. Great fun.