Anyone else playing Demon's Souls?

If you’ve ever had a vested interest in old-school dungeon crawlers or roguelikes, this game is for you. In my humble opinion, it’s good enough to justify a PS3 purchase. It’s seriously been a while since I felt like I got my money’s worth when buying a game.

Considering that many QT3ers are old-school PC gamers, I can’t fathom people playing this game and not hopelessly falling in love with it. I didn’t expect much of it when it was first unveiled at the TGS last year, but now it’s already become one of my favorite games of all time.

If you’ve ever played a King’s Field game on PS1 or PS2, this From Software game also shares some similarities. As a lone hero in a fantasy world, you must explore desolate areas and are left with next to no clues as to what to do next. You will meet very few NPCs, and have little else than your skills and your wits at your disposal.

Demon’s Souls is awesome in many different ways. The atmosphere is absolutely superb. There’s no music in the game except for boss battles, and when you come back to the game’s hub (called the Nexus). The ambient noises create an eerie symphony. You’ll be able to concentrate on hearing the enemy’s footsteps in order not to get ambushed.

This is a free-roaming action RPG, and the combat delivers. Not only is it as complex as that of a beat’ em up, but it also forces you to employ tactics as the enemies you encounter in the game are extremely dangerous. Demon’s Souls is an extremely hard, punishing game. Once you’ll have completed it, you’ll have died a few hundred times. If you’re not careful, even the weakest enemies can kill you.

It’s a brutal game, but it’s extremely rewarding, especially if you love exploration. Demon’s Souls features some of the best level design I’ve ever seen. One of the levels is a gigantic mine, and it genuinely feels real. It’s also very easy to get lost in one of the underground corridors. It’s a fantastic game to get lost into.

Demon souls are the game’s currency and have multiple uses, such as buying items, upgrading weapons, and leveling up. If at some point in the game you get killed, all the souls you’ve got on you are lost unless you can come back to the spot where you’ve died and touch a blood pool. This will undoubtedly rejoice fans of the roguelike genre.

Now here’s the deal concerning the game’s availability to westerners. Demon’s Souls has only been released in asian territories, and due to its daunting difficulty, it will probably never be officially released anywhere else. However, there exists an asian version that can be played completely in english (menus, dialogue and voices). There’s also a korean version, but this one is to be ignored since it doesn’t feature english text. That’s where the PS3’s lack of region coding comes in handy. Currently the game is pretty much out of stock everywhere, but it will probably be easily available once the current import craze has died down.

Before playing a game, I never had to wonder if I was courageous enough to do it. Demon’s Souls is the first game to elicit that emotion in me. I really hope that as many gamers as possible try out and enjoy this brave, underrated game.

I was going to wait till more people got copies and see what the response was, but then everybody sold out so I just shelved the idea till they get more copies in. Loved the original King’s Field so I have been following this one for awhile now.

One of the neat things about this game is the unique multiplayer mechanics, which I am not even going to try and explain but sounded like multiplayer for those of us who hate other people.

I really want it now, after reading that it has full English in the Asian release.

However, it’s still sold out everywhere. Which sucks.

From the 1UP preview at :

"“We figured that doing the things that previous hardware ignored – having long weapons bump into walls…”

Yes! Been waiting for someone to do this. My design has this as well and I wasn’t aware of anyone else doing this. I’m assuming that having a long / two-handed sword bump into walls (ceilings, etc.) reduces the swing’s effectiveness.

You know what other game did this?

Did it? I was sure something else must’ve, it’s a blindingly obvious thing to do and I am constantly disappointed that so few games try to make the environment more a part of the gameplay.

I vaguely remember a dev interview with Trespasser where they said they kept hearing a ‘click-click’ sound every time they walked down a certain hall way. They finally figured out the player character was holding a keycard that was brushing up against every door jamb or something as she was walking.

I thought that was the coolest thing ever, and bought the game despite the mountain of negative reviews. Even the guy selling it to me at EB Games was like ‘are you sure you want to buy this, we are getting a lot of complaints?’

I was just thinking about asking anyone on here if they tried demon’s soul.

I ordered a copy of asian version from yesasia, though I won’t get it til around April.

I was told it was a cross between Monster hunter and DMC.

I really enjoy Monster hunter, that’s why I’m willing to give it a try.

Not only is it cool but it could lead to some interesting gameplay choices. Tight corridors often found in dungeons would give a distinct advantage to piercers rather than slashers, for instance. And in the realm of slashers, the shorter slashers. It makes weapon choice more interesting than “what is this monster (or armor) weak against?” (or, more often, “who cares, I’ll just keep using my normal weapon”). OP, does this game’s modelling of weapon collision with the environment lead to this gameplay decision?

PS3, now with real time weapon bumping.

Sounds intriguing. Is it ever coming to the US?

Thanks for the write up. I just watched 20 minutes of youtube vid’s and I’m sold. Definitely get that monster hunter vibe where positioning and timing are the keys to winning. Placed an order at ncsx. Hopefully they restock next week.

Hows the story? Nonexistent I hope? No 20 minute long cut scenes?

Ok, finally broke down and ordered this. Not bad from NCSX, just $70 (which is, what, $5 more than you’d pay in a store for a local next gen release). Strangely the Japanese release was more expensive, even though it doesn’t contain English. You’d think NCSX would game up the price a bit knowing they’re one of the few options for the Asian English-including release.

Says they are going out mid-march. And, seeing how it’s mid-march, I expect to be seeing it in at least the coming 4 weeks.

Yes, practically nonexistent. You can chat with NPCs in the Nexus hubs, and in the dungeons themselves you’ll sometimes encounter other NPCs that will fill you in a bit on what’s going on and give you some clues, but apart from that there’s pretty much nothing after the first cutscene.

Just the way it should be.

there are multiplayer elements and PVP I heard.

I have a stupid question; do trophies work with the Asian version of this game on a US PS3?

Of course, they’re adding themselves just fine to my trophies collection on my launch US PS3.

Nice, I may have to grab it in the next week or two then.

My English/Chinese version finally got here today. I can’t wait to fire this badboy up.

Got mine yesterday, but didn’t have time to play it.