Anyone else playing Demon's Souls?

Some of the DS2 boss runs were awful, but on the bright side you can just keep killing the guys until they go away.

Ugh. Don’t remind me. The no-respawn progress of shame. That’s the only way I finally finished that godawful game.

Ok, so they already got through the super secret door. That was… fast I guess. :-/

There’s something neat in there, but not as neat as the mystery itself. Honestly, I’m a bit disappointed the whole thing unraveled over 24 hours. I mean, the guy who found it streamed for 17 hours straight. That seems… excessive.

That’s games these days for you.

‘Demon’s Souls’ devs considered, and ultimately left out, an easy mode. Here’s why.

Finished the game last night - definitely my favorite souls game now.

Probably because this turned out to be very much true. By the end I was over-leveled and the boss fights were pretty forgiving, especially with a +5 Blessed Mirdan hammer.

Game was gorgeous, the unflattering screenshots and comparisons above are all cheap shots when viewed in game on a 4k HDR TV. Honestly just jaw dropping, so much of it looked like a high resolution matte painting except you could actually visit and interact with the scenes.

Normally every time I play a console game I wish I could play it on the PC. Given the fast load times and 4k graphics… I am not seeing how a PC could improve things which has to be a first for me.

Have the same feeling about playing on the PS5. I was itching to upgrade my computer but I don’t know what that would get me as far as gaming that the PS5 doesn’t already basically do. Feeling like I can make do with my current GPU for a while longer now and just game on the PS5.

So as someone who literally bought a PS3 while working at PlayStation San Diego just for Demon’s Souls even while they botched and declined to publish it in America…It is hard to justify.

Not now. It was different then. You can play Dark Souls. Which is just as good if not superior.

This is not to say Demon’s Souls isn’t great. It is. Just buying a new console for it now. Not really. Even though I did the same in the past.

How were the areas in the Valley of Defilement with the new graphics - still dark and grotty, or different?

Amazing story. Imagine buying a console just to play one game — which I’ve done — only to be asked to buy another console just to play a full-price remake of that game.

Consoles: not even once.

Demon’s Souls will be the 1st game I buy for PS5, but that does not mean that I buy a PS5 only for Demon’s Souls. I am sure there will be great games coming for the PS5 during this console generation. Also it is made easier, because of backwards compatibility.

Yeah, I bought a PS4 for Bloodborne, but I’ve ended up getting more use out of it than any other console since the N64.

Sadly, the PS3 I bought wasn’t much good for anything besides the two games I mainly loved on it: Demon’s Souls and R&C: A Crack in Time. Both excellent games, but I can’t say that the PS3 purchase was “worth it”. PS4 was very different though. It’s amazing what it will do for owning a console when you don’t hate using its controller.

I did not, so the two of us have balanced out the universe.

I also bought a PS4 “for” Bloodborne (in the sense that it was the immediate reason, but I also expected there to be more to come in the future), and it wound up getting relatively little gaming use. Bloodborne was great, but the hardware proved to be a constant drag. Loud fans, terrible controller battery life, controller sync failures, and generally slow performance meant that by the time more games I would have liked to play came out, I mostly shrugged and stuck to PC. When I bought it I had figured it would also be a good family option, but that didn’t quite pan out either, as my kids generally gravitated back to Nintendo. That said, it got plenty of use for Netflix and blu-rays, so it wasn’t a complete waste.

The story for the PS3 was somewhat similar. I got it “for” Demon’s Souls, and loved that and Valkyria Chronicles, and enjoyed a few other games on it, but it got most of its use as a media box.

Cautiously optimistic that the PS5 will work out better. The hardware and controller are much improved, and there seems to be a more appealing set of games for my tastes, both in terms of native titles and enhanced backwards compatibility.

On topic for the thread, I’ve been relishing the return to Demon’s Souls all these years later. It’s been long enough that I’ve forgotten most of the details, so it’s hitting a balance of feeling nostalgic but also fresh at the same time.

Still dark and disgusting but now also impressive and… amazing? I really enjoyed how different it was than the other locations. It’s also the one I died the most in because f’ the swamp trudge.

I’ve found my new love which is the Great Club. Just call me Captain Caveman! BONK!

They added a Sodden Ring in Latria that lets you move normally in the Swamp waters, you need to drop Latria to pure black to find it though.

Did they expand any movesets? That’s one of the hardest parts to going back to the game for me. There’s not enough variety to make an interesting new build. Maybe I would just do magic.

The fact that you can actually see stuff in the distance makes it easier, less harrowing. The original had you wading into pure, oppressive darkness.