Anyone have any experience with GameFly?

I found this linked from GameRankings:

It looks like Netflix, but for video games. Was wondering if any of you have given it a whirl.

If not, maybe I’ll try it and report back.

People really do ignore banners, we ran their banner here for a month. No one signed up.

I’ve been using Gamefly for a few months and haven’t had any problems or complaints. However, because the turnaround is 7-10 days, the cost per game compared to a local rental ends up being comparable. That said, my local Blockbusters and Hollwoods have typically terrible selections, while Gamefly carries just about everything and there’s been only a few times where the game I wanted had a waiting list (quirky stuff like Gitaroo Man). Recommended.

There’s banner ads here?

Heh. In fact, after reading the “There’s banner ads here?” quip, I scrolled up to find… The GameFly banner!

This is why I don’t use banner ad blockers. I have one built-in to the wetware.

Gamefly’s great. Turnaround time is definitely not 7-10 days, at least not for me. I live in the same state (California), and they generally list returned games as Received the day after I drop them in the mail, and they ALWAYS send me a new one that same day. They can’t help how long USPS takes to move the games around obviously, but as far as Gamefly themselves are concerned the turnaround time is less than a day.

Thanks everybody!

Since I live in CA too, I think I’ll give em a shot. If Chet’s still reading this, want to give your affiliate link to them so you can get credit for an account?

edit: never mind, just caught a GF banner up there

This service sounds cool, though I wonder if you borrow a game and decide to buy it, can you just keep the one you have rented? Meaning, like a rental before buy thing. I’m too lazy to go to Gamefly… but netflix for videogames sounds cool… since I’ve been addicted to consoles more since xmas.


According to their site, if you decide that you want to buy a game you just go click on the “buy it” button and they charge the credit card you have on file the used price, + $1.99 to ship the case and manuals to you.

The purchase price on the games I was looking at were about $5 less than full retail, but this was on fairly new releases.

Yeah, the purchase price drops over time.

To clarify, when I say 7-10 days, that’s from the time I drop the game in the mail to when I receive the next one. Like Guest says, they’re prompt with what they have control over.

When I first saw this over at GameSpot, I thought, oh great another red octane…which had a great idea, but if all the games have ‘long wait,’ what is the point.

I did interview the owners of the site, and they convinced me to subscribe.

They get new releases about the same time as the EB’s of the world. They are very good at what they do, however, unlike netflix, they only have one distribution center (in LA). So, the further away you live from them, the longer it takes. Average time in transit each way is about 3 days for me, but I’m way up in New England, so YMMV.

Overall, I’ve been very pleased with their service and support. One game never arrived and as soon as I sent an email saying it’s been 7 days, they closed that order out and immediately reshipped. As I do less and less freelancing I rely on renting more and more – it also makes things a lot easier when I do have to do freelancing but can’t shell out $50 for the game since you can keep it for an unlimited amount of time! :)

I’m thinking of joining Gamefly. The website says that they provide instructions for their games online for their members, and I am wondering how comprehensive their on website game instructions are. Are they generally good enough to get you up and happily running on the game, or are they barely enough to almost get by? Any input from current members would be appreciated. Are you all still pretty happy with the service?

Instructions are limited to a rundown of what all the buttons do, like what you find in the first few pages of a manual. It’s better than the tip blurbs Blockbuster puts on the back of the cases. This has always been fine for me, but I don’t usually need/read the manual anyway.

I have no complaints about the service itself.

I did some research into this a while back and promptly got sidetracked. At any rate, along with, I found:

I have no experience or affiliation with any of these companies. Perhaps if the distribution center is too far away, one of these might prove faster instead.