Anyone having problems upgrading to iPhone 2.0?

Ugh… I thought this would take 10 mins and now I’m over an hour late to work and missing meetings because of it. iTunes loaded up 2.0 and now it’s stuck. It keeps giving me an “unknown error occurred -9838”. The phone is deactivated now, all I can do is make emergency phone calls with it.

Is there a way to downgrade to previous version so I can get the damn thing working again?

ok, now we’re at “Accessing iTunes Stores…” and the error is momentarily gone. But it’s still basically stuck. You’d think Apple would have been better prepared for this. I should have had the common sense to wait a day or two before upgrading, but I wanted to show off 2.0 to my coworkers today. :)

I’ve read reports that the store is struggling under the pressure today and activations are getting stalled out - which effectively bricks your phone since you can’t re-activate it after upgrading to 2.0. Current advice is: wait until later to install the update.

Of course, that doesn’t help those who are currently boned.

I had a different problem this morning, but it was during the backup. First attempt, it said “Backing up iPhone” forever (with no disk activity). Cancelled that and tried again, and it gave me “Error -37 during backup… do you want to proceed without a backup?” After that I bailed and decided I’d deal with it after work. I think I’m going to restore it back down to stock 1.1.4 before trying again (Currently the phone is jailbroken).

At least I’m not alone…

Yeah, on and other sites there seems to be tons of people trying to update the firmware, getting halfway through and then being unable to activate the phone again, thus basically bricking it for now… Looks like all of the sensible predictions of this launch being a clusterfuck were right on.

Yeah, it took me about 2 hours to reactivate. I think that’s the fatal flaw in the whole thing and accounts for most of the launch issues.

I don’t know WHY the phone needs to reactivate, but if a good chunk of the existing customers plus people buying new 3G phones need to hit the servers, the server’s gonna buckle.

I’ve been trying to sync with the store for an hour now. My phone is essentially bricked until it reactivates and I am an idiot for not doing research before sheepishly updating to 2.0 this morning when iTunes asked me.

Four hours and counting here, consider yourself lucky.

I’m in the same boat as the rest of you guys - I started the update before hopping in the shower and when I got out it was bricked. This is fucking annoying.

I updated to iTunes 7.7 yesterday - this is required before updating the firmware. I found a leak of the upgrade and applied it yesterday. It went beautifully…

Bought 3-4 apps already and very happy now.

Updated tonight (8pm PST). Took a while, no problems.

And so the misuse of the word “brick” continues.

Over 24 hours with this piece of shit and still my Itouch is a brick. At this point I’d like to “touch” Steve Jobs with this baby in a “special” place…