Anyone here good at finding unlisted phone numbers?

I need to find the unlisted home number of some asshole who apparently has ripped me off on EBay. If anyone can help, pls PM me and I’ll send you the relevant information.

Hey ExecutionerFive, WHICH PHONE NUMBER?

…Sorry, sorry. Sorry.


Man, this post is so going to get buried in “WHICH E-BAY?” and “WHICH NUMBER?” type replies.

Edit: See?

I’m not giving you my home number, SUCKER.

Just post his info here so we can all make up fake E-bay accounts and do no pay bids on all his auctions.

Who, E5 or the other guy?

you need to talk to murph:

What would you do if you actually intended to sue them? Perhaps get a lawyer to send a notice of intent to file a lawsuit to his ISP requesting personal information so they can be served?

Do you know the person’s name and city? If so, perhaps you could post them and the rest of us could try to help?

the guys name is Edward A Wilkman

The PO box he had me send the money order to is in Oceanside, California.

His residence is either in Oceanside, California, or Vista, California.

All I can find is that he is 46 years old and lives with a Karen E Wilkman. has the info Sean cites. It’s a public records search engine, you can pay to get the dirt (if they have any).

Basically, if he’s done anything that got him in the public record, you’ll find him through that site.