Anyone playing Soldiers of Anarchy?

The reviews I read said it was good except for bad pathfinding AI. Supposedly the latest patch fixes this, so I went ahead and plunked down the money for it. The game is only $17, fer Chrissakes. Screenshots looked damn nice.

I’m ever in search of a Jagged Alliance substitiute, so I hope this will help do the trick.

It’s actually more of a Shadow Company substitute, but I played it, liked it and would recommend it. I had only minor issues with the pathfinding; my biggest problem was graphics glitches on my GeForce 3. I eventually stopped playing when they grew too distracting.

Has anyone built any decent campaigns using the editor, or know of a good SoA site where I might find them?


The official website was running a mod contest recently. Here’s a link to the official forum where they discuss user-made content: