Anyone using photoshop elements 11 and premiere elements 11?

I just got an email offering me both these products for $99 and am thinking about making the purchase.

I’m still on Photoshop6 and it’s getting to the point where a lot of the instructional Youtubes need newer versions, so defiantly a win for me.

Is this a good price?

Have any of you used premiere elements? I mostly want something for my son to create game videos, so he won’t be tempted to download/crack the full version.

I’ve been over at the Adobe site and it’s confusing as all hell. :(

Is there a way to get a version that I can run on my Mac or my PC? My photoshop 6 CD came with both versions, but it looks like I have to choose one or the other and download it. :(

After looking at this a little more, my kid can’t use either of them. He uses Adobe After Effects to create his video clips. :( Why are Adobe products so hard to grasp? He is doing something called composting, which (I guess) just means adding sound tracks and canned swirly effects to the video he captures from his XBox. It’s crazy.

I may get Photoshop Elements anyway, but not sure I want to mess with Premiere. I always think I want to edit home videos, but the truth is it doesn’t matter if I have a case of Hi8 cassettes or terabytes of video, it all just sits around collecting dust, for the most part.