Anyone want to play a game of chess?

I think so too. Niemann has probably made a deal with these law firms to take his case and the upcoming counter suit for a share of the money they get for him. So he is basically free-roling. The other parties risk to lose everything. Scare tactics are part of the game. Maybe even the most important part. Before yesterday only Niemann’s future was in danger. Now all involved parties have a lot to lose.

There should be a trial, and then the outcome should be decided in a duel between Magnus and Niemann.

He has nothing to lose. He knows his career as a top chess player is basically over, and wants to cash out.

I’m not a lawyer, but I assume the first step will be to have this dismissed as frivolous. If it gets beyond that, which I don’t think it will, maybe they settle for a nominal amount.

If it goes to trial chessdotcom lawyers will get to have him say under oath that he cheated online, and that he is a cheater.



That would make perfect sense for someone who only cheats sometimes. If that’s the best explanation of the observations, then it is the most plausible one. And of course we already know he is both a liar and a cheat, so it’s very consistent with the known facts from his online play.

Here’s the twitter thread on it:

The summary:

Everything Hans has done for the past month has only made me think he’s an even bigger dick. If he wants to know who’s really ruined his reputation, he should look in a mirror.

Very long thread, but I think he explains very well how much of a reach this lawsuit is. Niemann’s certainly been harmed, and good lawyers could perhaps ensure enough trouble for (and perhaps Carlsen) that they’d settle. Which seems like the most likely aim for this - having this go to trial and winning seems like it would require some careful litigation that frankly seems beyond his lawyers.

Unless of course he really is correct, and there actually is incriminating correspondence between Carlsen and that they can discover (i.e., there is some truth to the whole speculation about Carlsen worrying about his “brand”). Though personally, I find the idea ridiculous - it’s not as if Carlsen hasn’t lost games before (and to lower rated players than Niemann) - it’s difficult to believe that this alone would have made him so furious.

The following puzzle plays out like one of Aesop’s fables:

Black to move; white’s home row is at the bottom.

What was this about his playing like a 2550 player and barely keeping up with the field?

People also cheat in online games because its easier to reach a target when they have limited time, see e.g. Riolu from the competitive Trackmania community who was one of the best players of all time and also one of the most prevalent cheaters.

You’re consistently arguing from a conclusion and ignoring anything outside of that initial belief, which is thoroughly silly:

“What people don’t understand is, unless you agree with my assumption that I have no evidence whatsoever for, you can’t see the truth!!!”

And what you both fail to understand is telling someone you’re trying to persuade of something that they don’t understand is not likely to make them understand. ;)

from the table I see, he won 3 games against players with 2550, he won against Sevian because Sevian needed a win and played a dubious quality sacrifice. Niemann did not really play for the US championship win at all. He is nowhere near a 2700 GM.

I got a brilliant move as white.

It didn’t feel that brilliant? I was just trying to connect my Rooks to threaten the Queen. Apparently, it “wasn’t easy to find”. However, black’s pawn takes on f4, I recapture with the Bishop; now, the Queen must move off the diagonal or be captured, allowing me to take the Knight on b8 while delivering a check. Black first sacs his Queen by taking on d5 and makes me prove the checkmate six moves later.


The opening was Queen’s gambit accepted, modern defense. Thank you, thread.

I really like this guy’s videos:

I’ve been playing a lot of Queen’s Gambit, lately (I also thought of firing up the show, again, for… Anna Taylor Joy I guess; wasn’t there a movie referenced simply called “Chess” upthread?). Anyway, they are bite sized; not so daunting or flashy as anything from Hikaru or Levy. I’ve been watching Mato for ages.

Carlsen won the Rapid Chess championship 2022.

For the Blitz, he arrives way too late (got delayed in traffic) with 30 seconds to go in the game and wearing hoodie and training pants (rules say you have to wear formal clothes).

Goes on to win 5 of the first 5 rounds.

Edit: Fixed tournament.

He won FIDE World Rapid Championship - Speed Chess Championship is a different tourney that Hikaru Nakamura won

But who won the Chess Championship of Speed?

It looks like it’s +2 seconds per move, thank Shiva. Still awesome. Quite a game, too!

Strangely enough I was dreaming about Chess early this morning, just before I woke up. I still remember the position, what my opponent wanted to do, etc. Then things got really dreamy: there was this weird rule where you could promote to something called a “Dragon” which… didn’t do anything on that game, but helped you in some grand strategy fashion as if… ten Chess games equaled a 4X or something.

Now this.