Anything Diablo II-ish for the DS or GBA?

We know the drill, kill things, pick up loot, kill more things…can anyone recommend anything like this for the DS, or for the GBA?

Izuna? Maybe? It’s not real-time and actiony like Diablo, but it’s a pretty good dungeon crawl. The LotR games for GBA (Two Towers and Return of the King) were straight-up Diablo clones, but GBA is so two years ago.

Let me add to this question: anything like this for the Pocket PC platform?

LoTR games were straight-up Diablo clones? I’m there.

While we’re at it, how about a good FPS? I’ve got Doom II and well, it’s Doom II, except you can’t save mid-level (VERY BAD) and the colors make some levels impossible to see.

I recommend Shining Soul II for the GBA.

What about Sword of Mana?

Looks good, but I can’t find it anywhere for less than $25

Children of Mana is very much like a simplified Diablo. It might be too simplified for your tastes, but it’s pretty fun.

You could try POWDER:

…simplified Diablo.

What’s left, then? Do you not even have to click anymore?

The three Everquest games for PocketPC are very decent Diablo-esque hack and slash games. It has been a few years since I played them, but I quite enjoyed them.

What about Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance for the GBA–any good?

Should we then add “and it should be free!” to the list of criteria?

No, but $20 isn’t too little to pay.

Yup, Children of Mana is like Diablo light.
Not so much with piles of loot, though.

Lunar Knights DS. It isn’t quite a paper doll game, but it’s a great isometric action game and has a healthy dose of leveling up and weapon upgrades.

Have not played it on the GBA but it’s great on the GC, if a bit dated. They put out a BG:DA2 for the PS. Is actually great fun in 2 player mode too.

And speaking of the GC, if you can find it, there was a Gauntlet game from this same era (way back) which was very good too; less of the ‘items’ but lots of the frantic combat in the Diablo way. Dark Legacy, maybe?

Yeah, that was Dark Legacy. Had a lot of fun downing some beers and playing that 4-player back in the day.

Boss grinding was a bit silly, but oh well.

And give Lunar Knights a +1. The loot system is nonexistent, but the action is damn good.

The GBA version of Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance is precious little like the console version. It’s not terrible, but it is a very simple, basic dungeon crawler. I got stuck about half way through with out knowing where to go next. Probably have to backtrack somewhere but I never cared enough to try.

Dammit. My 2-year-old borrowed my GBA, and now I have no clue where it is.