aow pbem game

@Valambrian and @Thraeg have formed an alliance. Interesting, considering one is “Pure Good,” while the other is “Evil” and eliminated @BloodyBattleBrain. The heart wants what it wants, I suppose!

That sounds like cheating to me. And here I am, just hanging out, trying to be a nice guy.

Fear I assume?

V did take over an altar (or whatever they’re called), so I’m not sure how the alliance benefits Thraeg. I’m telling you, it must be love!

I don’t know. I feel that @Thraeg is not evil, just misunderstood.
Finally met @legowarrior and offered peace to him. I’m also just trying to be a nice guy.

Have anyone tried 2v2 or 3v3 multiplayer? I think that if battle lines were drawn from the start, nobody would feel cheated.

Valambrian is clearly playing the deep manipulation game, hoping to send Thtaeg into the others and then consume him!

Nah, no deep manipulation is possible on a map that includes only the surface level.

You would say that. ;)

Nothing too exciting this turn. Just trying to martial a few forces to engage in some dungeons.

Wish me luck!

I am starting to realize I should have gone with Tigran Rogue with Partisan, Explorer and Grey Guard specialization.

It would have been so fun!

Dungeons are dangerous. Ask BBB.

Lat’s start another game, and your wish will be fulfilled.

Made a mistake of stopping too close to monsters. Lost a unicorn. But I did defeat the monsters who scared @Mysterio a few turns ago. No need to thank me, I’m just doing my civic duty.

Nasty stack, huh?

I made some errors in this game.

And I don’t think I would do that build. It would be fun because each one has techs that boost your irregulars, like the Sphinx.

I am out of town this weekend. I should be back this Sunday

I lost 3 units out of 8 I had, but the unicorn was the only tier 2 unit lost. Still, it was on its way to become an elite, so I’m mourning. Wish the game allowed builders to construct monuments to honor fallen units.

Small feature from Total War that I think would work well in AoW games is a strategic marker at the location of large battles.

Perhaps even tie it into a Necromancer mechanic focused on harvesting the dead bodies.

I hadn’t realized just how overpowered Tier 4 units could be. Thankful my heroes survived, but I’ll have to reconsider my strategy.

Somewhat ironically for me is how some people complain that T4 units in Planetfall are too weak.