aow pbem game

Put me down for 2 AM EST then.

Hardly an expert on this mod but the designers are very solid players who know their stuff.

Might have been just one designer?

Anyway, the changes were mostly relatively soft nerfs because in vanilla, all other things being equal amongst players who know what they’re doing, Necromancer has a huge advantage.

Quite a specific set of circumstances (pbem, knowledgeabke players pushing the envelope, map settings play a part too) but being able to resurrect etc is a huge boost.

For my money the core problem (if it can even be called that) is that ayers can pick and choose their fights and play them out tactically, and if you know what you are doing (I don’t really. Google Hiliadan to see what is possible as power play) you can balloon/mushroom very quickly.

Bear in mind this mod is the end result of lots of discussion in the pbem community, and lots of games by people far better than me.


Seriously, do watch Hiliadan’s videos. I believe he’s one of the authors of the mod.

Makes sense. I’ll vote for keeping the mod then. Nothing jumped out at me as feeling wrong from the last time I played this a few years ago. But if the consensus is to go back to vanilla I’m fine with that too.

So, majority for the mod then?

Also, I didn’t see, does that include city building?

I’m very much with Thraeg in that I don’t know the game well enough to be able gauge balance, so whatever the more experienced folk thinks works best.

I know I am still playing the old game, but I have cool units I want to get killed first.

In other news, when do we start?

Yeah, we’ll use the mod.

Whoops. Forgot additional options listed in Advanced Rules. I’ll edit the post to include those, add the mod, and change Game Flow to Tournament.

I plan to create the game today!

Message sent with join instructions!

And we’re off!

@geggis, in case you don’t have e-mail notifications turned on, it’s now your turn. If you’re unaware, you enable e-mail notifications via the gears icon in the PBEM GAMES - BETA window where Mysterio’s Game is listed.

Sweet, looking forward to this, especially since I have a but more knowledge of what is going on.

Subscribed to the wrong mod, but got it sorted now. Turn taken! This should be fun!

My turn for both games are in!

Lets keep things going!

And please keep us observers informed.

Well, I just bought 5 dozen dragons and am going to fly in and attack everything!

@legowarrior, Zaldrīzes buzdari iksos daor

Also, when you are done with giving order to all of your dragons, could you please hit the end turn button?

Sorry, the 5 dozen dragons is in the other game.

I will try to play my turn as soon I get back home.

My second turn was quieter than usual, thanks to the weak starting units setting. There is a magma forge near my capital, but it’s defended by 2 flamers. I’m afraid I can’t take it without losses and every unit is precious to me.

As usual, I hurried construction of builders’ hall on the first turn. The upside of this is the ability to start working on another building right away. The downside is that if the leader falls within 5 turns, the double morale penalty will have a negative impact on the city output and can throw a monkey wrench into my plans. This actually happened to me in our first MP game. Another danger is running out of money and not being able to build anything even moderately expensive. Well, I’ll need to produce troops anyway, so maybe it’s not going to be an issue.

I met and made peace with an independent settlement and welcomed some refugees to my capital. I also spotted some production resources, but it will take some time to get to them.

I’ve had to de-toggle the option that reduces the squad size as they take damage because it’s messing with my head that they fight at full strength until the last unit falls!