aow pbem game

^ This

I know, the turn is wait for me. After work.

Sure. Being gainfully employed is more important now.

Its done. For you and for @geggis!

My hero survived, hurrah!

For @geggis!

Congrats! But I see a group of undead close to one of your settlements. Practice social distancing and be safe.

I met @Thraeg’s scout. Makes me feel the center of the World. Had a couple of easy fights, one of them in Ancient Ruins. The reward was so bad that I decided to sell it. This didn’t make me rich - temples and public baths are not cheap. I’m glad I had enough mana to build a temple. Got another quest and am preparing a stack to tackle the challenge.

This turn did nothing for me, but I continue on my quest for peace with the lands.

No battles this turn = boring.

I have a bone dragon inbound.

Well, that sucks. I was hoping to complete those quests!

This turn, I had more fights than I bargained for. An undead spawn site spewed a group of marauders led by a Titan. They attacked one of my heroes and killed two tier 2 units. Good thing I didn’t park right next to the site! I would be attacked by two undead stacks and would probably lose the hero and all her troops. I need to make clearing all nearby monster spawn sites a number 1 priority.

[Edit] OMG! Are we having two turns today? @Mysterio, @geggis, @legowarrior ?

Had some good battles this turn without suffering any losses! Hurrah!

I’m happy to see you joining the global cause! Welcome aboard! I’m currently at two spawn sites removed and eyeing a third.

Ding! Two turns taken by me in one day! Can we make it three for me, @geggis, @legowarrior, @Valambrian, and @Thraeg!?

If @geggis send me a message as soon as his turn is submitted, I’ll take a break and submit a new turn myself!

Consider me to be a messenger boy, @legowarrior


Whether the miracle will happen depends on @Thraeg now.

One monster spawn site cleared, one to go. The reward items were bad again, so I sold them. I’m losing scouts and need to recruit some more.

Yeah in AoW3 they were the default major marauders.

Glad they changed the diversity of these compositions in the new game.

In AoW3 the existence of the undead was a major factor in deciding which race to use.

Goblins coming in last as always…

I guess we failed!

Had some fun battles this turn, made even more fun by not losing any units!

One of my scouts asked @Valambrian’s Leader where he was headed, but he was ignored. S’ok.

Just real quick.

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