aow pbem game

Had some fun battles this turn, made even more fun by not losing any units!

One of my scouts asked @Valambrian’s Leader where he was headed, but he was ignored. S’ok.

Just real quick.

  • I keep up with this thread
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  • I have never read anything in this thread.

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Oh, that’s what the meowing was about! Why didn’t he use human language? Anyway, I hope he’s satisfied with the answer. I have no idea whether he comprehended it. I saw no spark of understanding in his eyes. But maybe this is your roguish ways of misleading people.

Had a couple of easy battles, got a couple of animals out of them. Plan to hit two monster spawn sites the next turn. Otherwise, I’m slowly building my settlements up.

I’m curious to see how many people will chose the “never read anything” option.

Probably the people that haven’t bothered to read the poll question.

I’m following this daily with quite some interest.

I’m reading it, but sporadically, and I usually forget what people have said by the time I get around to playing my turn.

What I like about cherubs is that they can take on a group of 3 lost souls and win on their own.

Cleared out two monster lairs, as planned. Completed a quest, but lost a gryphon. I’m not very fond of them, though, so it’s ok. They are too expensive as scouts and too weak as troopers, in my opinion.

Due to map settings, it looks like that there is a lot of empty space to my North. Without any treasury sites, the territory doesn’t look like a good place to settle. To my East is @geggis, so the expansion opportunities are limited. I need to explore the underground layer, but as a human I dislike going there. I’m sure it’s already divided between @Mysterio and @Thraeg.

Just a single battle this time.

Okay, so I’m making more terrain fertile, and I had calculated that I needed X terrain, but when I did it, I’m still short.

It looks like the calculation went from X4 per terrain to X3 per terrain. What’s that about?

It depends on the area covered. The idea, as far as I understand, is to keep terrain’s effect on a settlement’s morale more or less constant. A single hex adds 24 morale for an outpost. If it had the same effect on a metropolis’ morale, morale would go through the roof.

Lost two more units to a Titan-led undead marauders that jumped out of nowhere. Now the hero is vulnerable to future marauder attacks and has to pull back until she receives some reinforcements. Completed a quest. Killed another group of marauders. That’s all, folks.

Due to miscalculations, some plans are delayed. I have a feeling that I’m falling behind the schedule, even though my indirect intelligence tells me that I’m on par with @Mysterio and @Thraeg and ahead of @legowarrior and @geggis. Probably, it’s the effect of the game settings - weak starting troops and low density of independent settlements and treasure sites.

Not much to report over my last two turns. Scared off some spawn site guardians and trashed the site, and saw that @legowarrior claimed a watchtower in range of one of my settlements. Are you interested in razing that watchtower, lego…?

There’s also a 4-unit (T3/T2/T2/T2) marauder army bouncing around my cities that needs to be dealt with, pulling an army away from its mission. It must have originated from the underground, since there isn’t a spawn site nearby, yet there is a cave.

I might be interested in a lot of different things around there. Not sure yet.

Just completed my turn. Not a lot going on yet or to see. Maybe in a turn or two there will be a lot more to report.

Not much here as well. A couple of minor treasure sites cleaned, but without any good items discovered. A couple more fights are planned for the next turn. Need more everything.

Same here. Cleared out a few more sites, but mostly wound up selling the loot. The ability combo that I had wanted to try out with this game is finally starting to pick up some steam. My leader’s stack got attacked by a wandering stack on the AI’s turn, and he was the only survivor, so has to go back and replenish a bit.

I hate it when this happens.

Managed to kill the stack with 7 units, but lost a T3 and T1. It’s a small price to pay, as my citizens can now rest easy…until the next army of marauders rear their ugly heads.

BTW, Elementals are a PITA!

Racial priests!

I have an opposite view. I’m glad @Thraeg’s leader survived.

Agree, mostly because I still couldn’t research them!

No I meant I hate it when you get ambushed.

Not much happened this turn. One hero is clearing minor treasure sites in order to prepare a site for a future settlement. It’s a very long shot. I’m not sure I’ll be able to build it before the game ends. Other heroes are enjoying scenic views.