Apex Legends - battle royale in the Titanfall universe


My enthusiasm for Anthem was already fairly low due to the gameplay and world feeling like bland unseasoned oatmeal.

Apex (and reinstalling Titanfall 2) wiped out the rest.


Anthem killed my hype for Anthem.

I am going to play Anthem, because the story and maybe challenging myself will be fun, but my hype meter is super-low at the moment. The moment to moment gameplay on Anthem is super-trite.

Apex is fun but is another battle royale, and in 2 days people will be angry at you if you don’t play with the meta heroes and meta weapons with the meta tactics. And the skill of the average player will make a win imposible for casuals like me.


I don’t know about that. Very few of the hero abilities seem to matter, at all. The smoke and shield are good defensive measures, and the air strike ultimate is the only one worth anything. Wraith’s passive doesn’t even work (hearing closeby enemies), the Tracker’s move is only good to find campers, the Care Package can be decent to get a shotgun but never a difference maker.

Finding good guns and shooting skill is way more important than the meta hero game.


I have Premiere so I’ll get Anthem by default. And while I liked it there is only so much time to game and I would think a free and good game in a similar enough genre would hinder the sales of a not free and good (debatable but I liked it) game. Plus I have BFV which I like but haven’t logged into in weeks and its BR mode is out soon too. Good grief!


I would have thought The Division 2 would be the bigger threat to Anthem, since they seem to occupy the same lane. The fact that Apex Legends has shooting doesn’t seem like it’s quite enough to make them leech from each other. Especially since lots of people are complaining how much multiplayer Anthem involves and Apex Legends is nothing but.


Anthem not having any kind of competitive multiplayer alongside the co-op is a huge negative for me and Apex Legends isn’t making me any more positive on spending $50 on a new game right now when I can play this for free.


It might be, but at least that’s coming from a competitor. Kind of weird that EA would launch a nice F2P multiplayer shooter like this right before Anthem launches, unless on the business side they’re already putting their money on Apex.

That being said, I have zero interest in Apex and some in Anthem. I want a PVE experience, so I’m part of the demographic Timex was thinking of.


I’d imagine there’s a fairly large demographic that will gladly play Anthem and Apex. I’m certainly one of them. Of course there’s going to be those who will only choose one based on time and money constraints but if both games are good then I’m willing to bet they will both be successful. Anthems biggest threat is Anthem as was said above. If the game is crap it’ll do poorly, if it’s good it will have an audience. I’d imagine Apex having to compete with Fortnite is a much bigger threat to its success.


One thing I really love about this game is how the music takes you down to the battle. As they did in Titanfall and its sequel, they’ve really nailed some excellent musical score here to help set this game apart.


Feel free to add me to the unofficial qt3 list ep1cnemesis. We should have a qt3 repository for things like this. This community is so tight knit yet I never end up actually playing with anyone here.


This. On top of probably being the best shooter on the market right now, it’s fucking free. Why not try it? And once you try it, if you like shooters, you’re probably hooked.


Not only is it free, the only thing to buy with real-money is cosmetics, right?


I think character unlocks can be bought with cash


You can earn them too it just takes forever. You get 600 points per level up and it’s like 12k to unlock a guy.


That’s because it’s a bad idea to mix work and play.



I am really happy for Respawn, but I think I am BR-gamed out at this point. PUBG was such a fun few months of playing with friends. But I kind of got my fill then.

Make Titanfall 3 now.


Enjoy the name Titanfall while you can, because all future Titanfall entries will be called Apex*.

Titanfall 3? More like Apex: M3chpilots


Apex: Titanfall


Ape Leg Tit Bat