Apex Legends - battle royale in the Titanfall universe

So about that Iron Crown event…

Umm what the heck is going on over at EA/Respawn?

When they’re right, they’re right.

Seriously. It’s tactless, no doubt, but are they wrong?

Simple. They’re not making enough money. Whatever you need to attract whales isn’t there, causing the model to collapse.

Apex has a dramatically higher skill ceiling than a game like fortnite. It may just not be feasible, long term, as a f2p battle royale game, because it doesn’t have the same appeal to the vast, unleashed masses of little kids.

They should have just made Titanfall 3.

To support this, here’s an example of a reddit comment. Definitely seems like they’ve fished for the wrong demographic.

It’s too bad, because the devs at respawn are easily, EASILY, the best in the industry when it comes to shooters. And Apex is an excellent game.

But at the same time, I’m not giving them money.

Not because i don’t think they deserve money… They do. But I don’t have any desire for the cosmetics in Apex. Some are pretty cool looking… But i don’t care enough to pay the prices they are asking. If they were a buck each? Maybe.

Back with Titanfall 2, i actually gave them a decent chunk of cash for Titan skins, just because i never even paid full price for that game, and it was the best shooter i ever played. And the Titan skins were cool looking.

The devs at respawn are geniuses… Their marketing team is bush league.

They would have got $60 from me for Titanfall 3. Apex is just a waste of my gaming time, but I’m glad others have enjoyed it.

Bandwagon claims another dev victim.

I debated for long time wether to buy a season pass. I don’t care about cosmetics, but I also wanted to support the devs. So I finally broke down and bought season 2. I don’t regret it, but I’m not going to keep buying 40 dollar season passes either. That said, Apex is easily my favorite shooter and game at the moment. Until it’s arrival I was in a real gaming slump, I just couldn’t get into games. They just weren’t holding my interest like they used to. Didn’t matter how good they were. I would get bored before I could get started.

I bought the first season pass, but then earned enough coins throughout that season to buy the second season pass for free, which was cool.

This is a top five game for me in 2019.

Since I started playing some games on the Xbox One again, I decided to give this a try on there. The first thing that was super noticeable is that it’s definitely a step down graphically from the PS4 Pro I played on the majority of the time. I wouldn’t expect it to look as good as that of course, and certainly not the PC where I’ve also played a little, but wow, it was noticeable.

That said, I adjusted and was playing just fine last night. I also opened up the field of view which is just way too tight on the default setting. I can’t be the only one that does this? I get motion sickness if I don’t do that. :P~~~~~

Starting over at Training was kind of cool. I messed around with all the guns in there a little bit and with headphones on, it was also really noticeable that the sound effects are crisper and clearer on Xbox. I have to go back to PS4 again, but it really stood out. Maybe it’s something to do with the headphone jack on the PS4 controllers? Maybe Xbox uses better quality samples? It really did seem better. I noticed a few other little details that are different. Xbox doesn’t drop entire stacks of ammo all at once yet which I think is now default on PS4. I’m a “Button Puncher” and the most notable thing there is the reversed d-pad placement on the Xbox controller. I was moving my thumb up to find up on the d-pad to use healing/shields and of course the d-pad is located below the stick on Xbox. Whoops!

The final notable thing is that player matching is obviously taking level into account. I was being matched up with lots of n00b players and got a win in my third or fourth game. Many players were moving at a snail’s pace and not sure what to do. One fellow who did have his headset on told me it was only his second game. I felt like I was running an in-game tutorial in each match. That was kind of fun. Dunno how much more I’ll grind on this version, but it was cool to see all the differences. Definitely makes a case for an Xbox One X and showed how low powered the original Xbox One really is.

They’re adding some interest from the Titanfall setting…

Voidwalker event going on now too

So, I’ve been playing during this most recent event, and the new game mode, “armed and dangerous,” is awesome.

Weapons are restricted to only sniper rifles and shotguns. Armor is limited to only white armour, and it’s very rare. Ammo stacks are limited. Gold weapons show up with more frequency.

The net effect is a more tactical game, with a faster time to kill, and less dependency on who finds better loot. So, you have less situations where you are only wearing white armor and run up against a team with purple armor who have a significant advantage over you.

I’ve enjoyed it a lot, and would recommend it.

That mode is excellent. I had a ton of fun with it last week. I hope to play more later this week.

Have you noticed that today the AI voice that says round 1 sounds as if it is being hacked. Awesome tease/setup for season 3

Ha! That’s cool! I will have to play a little tonight.

Apparently I was right.
Watch the score board when you’re not being shot at.