I know I’ve used different masks from multiple companies. I could see needing a minor pressure adjustment based on individual masks, but should work. No idea if all companies use same hose coupler, but never ran into an issue when I was trying diff masks


When I had the rep set up my machine, he brought several mask varieties along as well. They had both Phillips masks and Res Med. The masks are universal according to my rep.


Masks are interchangeable in my experience on the Resmed

CPAP.com allows you to purchase mask insurance so you can try out different masks and if you do not like it you can return the mask. It is not expensive to try different masks this way.


I purchased my machine from a local company.allowed me to exchange everything within 30 days, didn’t even charge me upfront. Having said that, their prices are a lot more than some online sites.


Thanks all!


Just wanted to chime in, 20 days in using the thing. I didn’t think I had many symptoms before, but I was walking around today and I thought, for the first time in 6 months… I feel good. I don’t feel as tired, I just feel generally better.


Great news!


I just got tested the week before last with the take-home kit. Last straw over the summer was sharing AirBnB with friends/family who complained that I sounded like I was choking.


No results yet?


Not yet. They said I might need additional blood test on high (100-120) resting heart rate. Apple watch 3LTE is pinging alerts when it exceeds 120 resting.


I was having a lot of trouble with dry mouth too and I could never get a chin strap to work. I was otherwise really happy with the nasal pillow and didn’t want to go with a full face mask. I tried a DeepSleep from Goldstream CPAP and have been really happy with it.


I was finally diagnosed in late 2016 and have been using a CPAP with a full face mask since Oct that year. Huge difference in my mental acuity. I really should’ve been tested years sooner, but it had finally progressed to the point where I’d wake up every morning feeling exhausted and being in an absolutely terrible mental state. Hell, the night I was tested at the local clinic to determine if I did have apnea, I remember driving home at 6am feeling a huge difference from just 3-4 hours of having a mask on.

I use the Resmed Airfit F20, works great for me, though I also get dry mouth toward the morning (after drooling like a fiend throughout the night). My water tank is needing filled every other day with these dry winter air. Started off using a pressure of 7 but my doctor knocked it up to 9 after a recent visit I’d scheduled because I noticed a slight return of tiredness and rightly assumed my incidences had crept back up.


What do you do while on vacation?


I took my resmed10 last time I went on vacation.


Take it with me. If we drive in the Griswold family van, I throw it in. And since it’s medical equipment, airlines don’t charge for it as an additional carry-on when flying.

Would be a miserable vacation without it. Wife and I stayed at a refurbed early 19th century mill - turned - bed 'n breakfast last fall for our 25th and I took it with me for just that one night.


Yeah, my wife was the same when we went to Singapore a few months back. With our 4yo in the same room with us and the newborn in tow, last thing my wife needed was me snoring away and depriving her of more sleep!


The Ontario government subsidizes a new unit every 5 (6 maybe?) years. I keep my old machine as my travel machine, that way my primary CPAP doesn’t have to suffer the indignities of air travel. @John_Reynolds is correct: airlines do not charge a CPAP against your carry-on limit either. So you could – and I do – travel with a proper carry-on bag, a laptop bag and a CPAP bag.


I’ve had a real hard time adjusting to the CPAP and when I finally went back to the Dr, he prescribed me a new unit since he felt I’d do better with one of the models that lowers the pressure when you exhale. Plus, apparently the humidifier in my unit just doesn’t work. The medical supply place that gets the units to me feels like it’s run by idiots. This is the second time I’ve gotten a call saying someone would be in touch with me in 5-10 business days to set up a delivery and a month goes by with absolutely no word. I just want to sleep and feel better, is that really too much to ask here?

Ugh sorry, ranting.


That sucks. Why did they give you a bargain basement unit in the first place? Eyeshadow.


I can’t find on their website the resmed10
Is it the airsense 10?