Apple Homekit + Eero + Philips Hue

I am dipping my toe into automated home tech and was wondering if anyone uses the eero pro (not the 6, last gen), Homekit, and the wireless Philips bulbs. I can’t figure out if I need a Hue bridge to get this to work. I am hoping that I install the lightbulb, it connects to my eero pro mesh network and then I can control it with the Apple Home app. I was able to setup Homekit within the eero app, so I am hoping that the bridge is functional already via the mesh network.

Am I wrong in my assumptions?

I believe the only the newest Eero contains a Zigbee hub, so you would need to get a Hue hub.

Is using a Hue hub an option? They work great. Used it for 6-7 years, never have to think about it.

If you’re intent on using Hue Bulbs, I’d get the hub. Half of their value is the eco system and I don’t think you’ve got that without the hub. If you just need a wifi or zigbee bulb to connect to an existing system, there are cheaper options available.

Hmmm, appears that I do need a Hue bridge with the eero pro 5. Oh well, cheaper than buying a new eero pro 6 network! Yes, I plan on using Hue bulbs, etc.