Apple iPad Event - May 7, 2024

Almost certainly new iPad Airs and Pros being announced ahead of WWDC.

Earlier than normal at 10am ET.

Two months late on these. OLED will be nice.

Funny enough i was just browsing iPads over the last couple days, and not having kept up with them closely over the last few years, found myself wondering what is the iPad Air? There’s iPad, iPad Pro… what category does iPad Air fit into?

Mid tier, best for most people. The vanilla iPad is fine, but is the low end.

I’ve been looking to refresh my iPad 10.5 inch pro (2017) for years now. A dramatically better screen would do it!

I use my Pro as a drawing pad and certainly would be tempted by a better screen. Also would go for the biggest size this time

But like, the iPad Air is the same weight as the iPad vanilla (well, 20 grams lighter), and it has the exact same dimensions. Why use the branding at all? Maybe i’m just bugged by the branding by being literal, but i wouldn’t mind paying more for a lighter iPad. But… there’s no reason to get the iPad Air for weight or size savings. It’s just… another iPad.

Hopefully at this event Apple will narrow down the iPad lineup and make it less confusing. You have to look at a chart just to figure out what pencil/keyboard works with each iPad model.

And make 128GB the base storage on mid-low tiers, 256GB for the Pro.

The opposite is going to happen, because they’re going to add a 13" iPad Air to the lineup.

Doh! Well I suspect the 9th gen will be dropped, at the very least. I bought one super cheap last Black Friday. I think I paid $200. But at times it can feel a bit sluggish, like it doesn’t quite have enough RAM.

Was hoping for the 12.9" Air but now it seems they wont release that this year. $699 or $799 for a 12.9" ipad for Drambo, Koala, and Logic Pro would be cool.

Not sure why you think that. All expectations are that Apple will announce a 13” iPad Air at this event, and they usually launch within weeks.

I’ve digitized most of my music for the two jazz bands I’m in and have been using my old iPad Air to display the charts. Been holding off even thinking about new iPads but boy am I jonesing to get a larger iPad to display my music.

Probably not the right thread but I’m a little ticked that my original iPad Air from 2013 is essentially useless because Apple stopped supporting it. It’s a perfectly capable browser viewer and YouTube machine, or at least it would be if Youtube would run on it. Is there any way that I could jailbreak it so that I could update it and still have access to the apps I’ve purchased in the past?

Cool. The word from months ago there was a new 13”. air then a few months ago I read there wasn’t going to be one. Now there is yet again. Perfect.

Understandably annoyed I’m sure but that’s 11 years ago. We have to replace phones and computers every 2-4 years. 11 years was a good run!

That’s true, but it’s only acceptable if you frame it as a market/tech thing. In practical terms, usability terms, the hardware still works for many tasks, but it is artificially prevented from doing those things by deliberate decisions of a company that does not want you to use the thing you paid for any longer than they, the company, say you should.

Apple is not the only company that does this, I suppose, but they are probably the most egregious, because there are really no ways to get around it if they stop supporting your device.

but they are probably the most egregious, because there are really no ways to get around it if they stop supporting your device.

But have you seen the state of almost every Android tablet? Support for those is generally SO MUCH worse.

Oh I totally agree, but normally the problem is that with android devices after 5 or 6 years they no longer run properly because they’re so behind hardware wise. But the original Air is a perfectly cromulent device other than playing new demanding games. That’s what makes it so frustrating.

As @Canuck says, no one gives a rat’s ass about old Android devices. Old Apple stuff is still technically sound and relatively capable long after being rendered inoperative…by Apple.