Apple Music vs Spotify for Cantonese music (80s-90s)

Anyone listen to Apple music and uses it for Cantonese music in the 80s-90s? Any notable omissions for that era?

I was going to switch from Spotify due to Apple One.

Here’s my main playlist on Spotify.


You have a lot of George Lam there. I guess you’re not a fan of Leslie Cheung and the 4 kings of Canto pop? I also saw you have only one Priscilla Chan’s song? Probably you’d like this from her too:

That’s a great song. that list above is mainly my go to if I don’t know what I fee like.

I like the 4 kings except Andy. Leslie good too I have them in other playlists but if I was switching to Apple Music the songs in the list above are all must haves.

I unfortunately have nothing to offer you in regards to your question, but I have followed your playlist, and I have to thank you for introducing me to Cantonese pop.

My stealth C-pop music from the 80’s-90s is working!

I switch to Apple Music right now and see how it will work. Currently for just transferring my English music playlist by hand and I have 2 missing songs. This isn’t boding well for my C-pop playlist.

For the 2 people that may care. I transfered my Cantonese playlist (the one from above) to Apple Music and I was only missing one song.

One thing I notice was how smooth it was to add items into a playlist compared to YouTube music and Spotify. It was an easy comparison though as Youtube Music is one of the worst application I ever used. It’s worse than Jira and Confluence combined.

Youtube Music is aggressively awful.

Whoa, you’re being hyperbolic, right? RIGHT?