Apple Store: You're a liar. No battery replacement for you!

Twice we’ve had apple products fail on their own just out of warranty (ipod just stopped working after 4 months in a drawer, macbook screen fail), and twice their only genius bar ‘help’, beyond a repair bill that was almost as expensive as a new product, was to give us 10% off a new purchase. That was when we stopped buying overpriced apple crap.

Let me get this straight. You paid for the warranty, but then the warranty was so crappy you did the work yourself? Nice revenue stream, Apple.

The warranty was fine but I dropped my phone on the street and smashed the back glass. Being a man of action and danger, I took this as an opportunity to upgrade the back plate with a rocking teak replacement from Monolith.

Love it, but I’m afraid I may have technically voided my warranty, so before I get any warranty work done I’d need to remove my snazzy wood back plate and replace it with the smashed original. Then I would need to hump it down in a Chicago winter to the hipster hell that is the Lincoln Park Apple store. Or I could spend ten minutes and 20 bucks and do it myself. Like i said, action and danger, ElGuapo. Action and danger.

I am avid apple stock watcher.

I have a friend who is pre-“i*” fan purchased first release of ipod. He had his replaced at no charge no less than 3 times. First time it got run over by a bus (true story), second time he drowned it… They kept sending him new replacements. I don’t think this would have happened with Apple of today.

About a year ago I have spoken with a teenage son of a relative about smartphones - his words “iPhones are for old geezers” and “no longer cool”.

I was shorting stock up until very recently, now I am not sure in the short term. Long term - it does appear that it is back to 85 for Apple. Cook= Sculley .

I work very closely with a lot of teenagers (college students). They are all heavily into iPhones, and those that don’t have iPhones are often a bit apologetic about it – e.g. “Well, I have an Android because iPhones are just overpriced” (which admittedly is completely true). I’d say iPhone outnumbers all other phones on campus by at least a two-to-one ratio, quite possibly three or maybe even four-to-one.

Same thing with computers. About 8 years ago, Apple computing was just about dead on campus. It had pretty good representation when I started in the late 90s, but dwindled down to a very low level. Since the iPod and particularly since the iPhone came out, Apple is now viewed as cool again and the vast majority of my students have Macintoshes.

Interesting, my interviewee just started high school. Maybe inertia of social pressures?

We get the same attitude here, that apple is cool, but thankfully apple went with at&t in the beginning which has zilch for service around here so most went android and have stuck with it.

Could be or might be regional or socio-economic class differences. FWIW I’m in the San Francisco Bay Area. My students are from a broad range of backgrounds, but in general I think they do trend toward upper-middle class.

Random additional data point. I work with high schoolers (mostly seniors) and I see a mix. The “cool” phone is an iphone but the more techie people all have androids. On computers though its no contest - if they can they want an Apple laptop.

You have hundreds of apple devices? Really? Hundreds?

I don’t know why that would be that odd. My law firm supports, I bet, owns and supports at least a thousand Apple devices. Each attorney with an iPhone, iPad, etc.

Correct. 600 users, 50/50 mac/windows = 300 mac users each with at least 2 devices and most have 3-4. I am responsible for them. Apple support used to treat us nice but now we’re so small they don’t care if we ditch them.

Reading comprehension failure. I didn’t catch that you said you were supporting hundreds of devices. My bad.

He didn’t say that. He said he HAS hundreds of devices. You interpreted it the same way I did, in my head.

Apple support is generally terrible. I have hundreds of apple devices. That’s how they get you locked in. If I can’t fix something myself, I just buy a new one. It sucks.

From what I can tell from where I work, apple doesn’t give a crap about corporate/edu/whatever accounts at all, in any way shape or form

“Have/Has” implies ownership or possession, which in apple’s eyes, I do own most of them.

I still don’t get the ‘iPhones are high end devices’ argument. They can be had for free w/ a contract.

2 year old models can be had for free but nobody wants smartphone that old unless they have to. And key word is with contract so it’s still a $400 device.

The iPhone 4 is as good as the free Android phones, which are also about $325 (same as an iPhone 4) without contract.

True enough. Not to mention there are things the 4/4s can do that 5 can’t.