Apple WWDC 2017 - Leaks, Keynote and Other Info


Yea I used to be a windows desktop/apple laptop. Then I needed to start using excel. Excel is a joke on Mac.


So you need the iOS version of Jump Desktop (which is great). And the Citrix X1 mouse.

The combo works great together accessing a PC via Remote Desktop. Should work accessing a Mac using Jump as well.

Please, kill no chickens.

(You can also use the Swiftpoint GT mouse, but it’s stupid-tiny and ridiculously expensive and easy to lose. Ask me how I know. Replaced it with the comfortable, actually-more-ergonomic, and way-cheaper Citrix.)


The 120hz scrolling is nice as hell. You don’t notice it at first, then like Ivan Drago… it breaks you.

These are legitimately way more “pro” iPads. They’re stupidly fast for one thing, plus the glass smooth scrolling… it spoils you.


I don’t have the budget or the need to upgrade my original 12.9" Pro, but I really really want to. This isn’t helping!


I’ve been using iOS 11 on my 12.9" for a week now. I really like it.


That didn’t take long. And I’m guessing it is tough to appreciate the diff when watching that video at less than 120.


120hz variable refresh rate is a subtle thing. But once you get used to it, it feels very right… and much pro

It’s definitely made me want it on desktop now.


I’m in the same boat. But I have absolutely no reason to update my iPad Air 1. It works absolutely great. There are certainly some things I would appreciate (like more RAM to reduce page refresh) but it’s not worth spending another…how much do these new things cost?


I just upgraded from an iPad Air 1 to a 10.5. Everything opens/runs a lot smoother, and the extra memory is nice if you’re switching between multiple tasks. It’s almost like that feel when you went from a mechanical HD to an SSD. One nice difference is how fast touch ID gets you from locked screen to whatever app you were last running. It’s like…instant. If you push the button, the screen is unlocked and you’re there right as the button presses in all the way. Apps seem to launch instantly as well.

As a bonus, the animated GIF thread actually renders fast now. That thread makes the air a sad panda.


The Air 1 was a bad, bad iPad. I could not get rid of that fucking thing fast enough. The combination of “yay first 64-bit iPad” and 1gb ram was… excruciating. I would definitely upgrade if I was you (especially since all Pros have 4gb ram now). But I also have high standards for this shit.


Wait until you try high refresh rate with LightBoost or ULMB at the same time. Truly spooky.


I will see your Air 1, and raise you an iPad 3. That thing with the first retina screen was a dog.


Yes that was a very bad iPad as well. Those two were the worst.

This new 2017 iPad Pro may be one of the best they have ever done though. Definite recommendation from my end.


That’s funny, because I have always skipped a gen. iPad 2, iPad 4, air 2, and soon the pro 10.5


That is a winning strategy, apparently, because you avoided the 3 (underpowered retina), 5 (underpowered 64-bit), and 7 (kinda meh “pro” featureset).

iPad 8 is the shit though. Heartily recommended.


Yeah, the 10.5 looks great.

I’m not sure the new 12.9 is a big enough improvement over my older 12.9. I’ll probably hold out a few revs until they get 3D touch on the big screen.


Until you posted this on Twitter I had no idea I followed you. (@crumpy)


There tends to be something of a tick-tock cycle, in that every other upgrade is typically a modest hardware bump without major feature changes.


My wife has an iPad 3 and I have an Air 2. Ironically, the iPad 3 is still hanging in there while the Air 2 has serious battery issues. I’m going to upgrade to the new 10.5" soon and I look forward to it yay.


Picked up a 27" 2017 iMac today. Got the the new magic keyboard with numpad as well. Haven’t fired it up yet since the migration will take awhile, but looking forward to that big Retina display. My current iMac was the last nonRetina model. Also need to buy another 8gigs of ram ASAP.

Only thing I am not thrilled with is the fusion drive instead of SSD, but I can’t rationalize the ridiculous price they want for one. Think it was +$600 for an SSD, that’s just insane, even for Apple.

Place was packed, so never got around to looking at the new iPad Pro. Didn’t want to be tempted either.