Aquanox Deep Descent

That’s not how any of this works!

I mean it’s pretty much how most “space” games work (he says, reinstalling Wing Commander 1).

Aquanox has some of the worst voice acting ever.

Getting Aquanox 1 to work properly on my current machine was a PITA. There are mouse sensitivity issues, and the GUI was never intended for widescreen monitors.

Underwater is where space games go to become accurate. Friction = no momentum, and water allows for sound propagation. There’s even some oxygen for explosions!


Tell me more about this interesting Underspace thing.

Aquanox is set in the ocean. Of a planet. Which is in space. So technically it’s a space game. By my logic SGJ is now free to cover all the games.

Underspace looks like the modern version of Freelancer we’ve all been wanting. VERY excited about it.


I’d never heard of it. I just looked it up. Looks neat. But this one is open world right? Freelancer’s campaign was super linear. (I never tried multiplayer Freelancer, which was supposed to be open-world I think).

FreeSPACE was super linear. FreeLANCER was pretty dang open.

Wow, I must have played a different campaign. At launch at least, the game I played was pretty much point a to b to c to d to e. There was never any backtracking back into older systems, it was always new system, new system, new story mission, moving forward. It wasn’t like Privateer/RGO where you’re in an open world trying to make a living and also doing story missions.

Are you sure you’re not thinking of Starlancer?

That’s what I was wondering.

Definitely a space game. Also, possibly a sandwich.

I’d really recommend the German voiceover (it’s the original, after all). Though I don’t know if German voices + English subtitles is possible. Should be, but it’s an old game so you never know.

Definitely not Starlancer. Starlancer is the one I couldn’t play because on my Microsoft joysticks, they forced me to play with the stupid throttle on the joystick itself, I couldn’t override it with the keyboard. So basically I made it about 2 missions before giving up on the game. It just wasn’t any fun trying to take my left hand from the keyboard all the way to the joystick to adjust throttle, and then all the way back to the left side of the keyboard. It was the only space sim to ever do that, and I couldn’t get past the second mission because of that.

Freelancer is the game that was supposed to be big and open, but it turned out to be a really linear campaign through many star systems, all controlled using an un-fun mouse and keyboard control scheme that made the game feel not like a space sim. I got all the way through it and finished it, but it was a mediocre experience and I don’t remember any of it except for what I just wrote.

Freelancer had kind of a goofy whitebread protagonist, IIRC.