Ark: Survival Evolved - Dinos and Leveling Survival Game


Kel your pad got completely run over last evening. I made the trek down the coast to get a guild invite and as i was coming back a pack of ravagers two raps and a carno had eaten your stego guards and think i saw one with your leg in his mouth.


Haha, no problem. I was getting tired of that place anyway ;).


Played again last night and finally stopped dying every few minutes. There were player bodies everywhere on that first night. Hilarious.

If you hate how brutal and punishing ARK can be, Aberration is probably not for you. But if you like the challenge and have been on the fence or taking a break, give it a try. So far I think WC has done a great job with the new expansion. Very different experience, but also very true to ARK’s themes.

Access to different areas is very different from previous maps, as far as I can tell. I have a feeling we’re going to be locked into the starting areas for a while as we level up and get our bearings. First major milestone, I think, is to get up and running with climbing/flying gear and establish decent packs of Ravagers.

I think we’re all still in temporary bases at this point. Finally unlocked the climbing pick and zipline, but haven’t done any serious exploring yet.

Oh and its’ great to see @Ragan here on Qt3 now, welcome!


Agreed Kono and I have found a bit of metal but its going to take a wile to get us out of the starting areas. I should hit climbing picks today. Been working on getting a few dinos. Now have a little trike and a decent raptor. Going to try and get a ravager pack next i think.


Kono set up a taming pen up (down?) the beach from where we are set up, and up the hill a bit. Saw a few ravager packs in that area. We tried and failed on a couple of attempts, but learned a bit from the experience. Ravagers practically instakill raptors. Based on my limited experience I’d say that if you can, just skip raptors and try to get one medium level ravager; that might make building up a pack a lot easier.


I went about it a bit different. My area had a ton of raptors got lucky with a couple 100isah mated pairs. Then i scoured for a lone Ravager. I would just wait for a stego or something large to take out the little ones of the pack then snipe out the nice Ravagers. Bolas worked well I did learn though you have to be ready for the second bola application.

Man I will say I love this map so far.


So i see ragnarok server, but no aberration one?


Make sure your game is up-to-date, then launch and note your client version again just in case. Then search for it in the game browser (not the Steam browser) with “PVE” and “Unofficial” selected. It should show up at that point. Not sure why servers sometimes disappear like that.


client is 275.4, all up to date and validated local files.
Still not there in the browser. :(


That may have been the problem. 275.4 hit today, I think, after a bunch of us were already in game. Structures + was also updated. I just updated the server and hopefully it’ll show up shortly!


Nope, still just show the ragnarok server.


Super weird! Shows up for me after the updates. Hmm. Maybe restart Steam and ARK?


Look for it in game, couldn’t find it in steam either.


When you say in-game you mean inside the ark client? I never found the steam browser.


I think that’s what he meant. Launch the game client, hit the Join button and use the filters. Make sure they’re set to PVE and Unofficial.


For whatever reason the Ab server doesnt show up in the server browser for me either. I had to log into ark then search for it in there browser.


Holy cow what a day yesterday. I did some research on the nameless. They can be killed but have to have a light source to burn them with IE dog lantern etc. Need to look but i believe theres a way to turn the dog on wile still mounted on your shoulder. I think we just got unlucky with there being a ton nearby. The alph ( glowing one) Also once you kill the alpha one of the others left alive will instantly become the alpha.


Okay I got it listed. Port forwarding goobage.

Then had connection timeouts, but then I forwarded more and now I’m in!


You should be able to turn them on and off while shoulder-mounted with the emote wheel (default “[” and “]” keys). There should be an entry on the wheel that says “Light” or similar.


Correct thanks Cale that made all the difference. Kono I found one of your lost ravagers stuck it in your lake base. Also there’s a 50ish drake roaming around that area damn near killed me. Be very careful those damn things are almost as bad as the nameless.