Ark: Survival Evolved - Dinos and Leveling Survival Game

Alabama style.

I need an argent. It’s time. Especially so before Trip joins in and suddenly has all the good argents.

On a different server, I just tamed a 170 Tek Quetzal using the grapple/parachute method with a high school freshman flying me around on a ptera. Fun!

The addition of high school freshman in this story makes me think you’re running for office.

Alphas have arrived, be careful out there. I’ve also stolen 3 Deino eggs so far. Those things wander way away from their nests while aggroing stuff. No idea how to hatch them, but I’ll find out at some point. Oil seems to be tough on this map. I’ve found some oil rocks way up north in the snow zones, but that’s it so far. Everything else is coming along slowly but surely.

Ragan there was a level 135 white Rex up in the Chalk Hills I flew over. He’s kind of off by himself. The issue is getting him back to wherever you’d want him, but at least he’s up there.

Your son mentioned you don’t see damage numbers, I don’t either. Did something change in the game configs or is that the map?

Yes, the ShowFloatingDamageText is set to false in the GameUserSetting.ini.

I’ve switched it to true a couple times, but it always seems to switch back to false. I wonder if that feature is disabled on Valguero?

I dont think so. I’ve seen videos with it, though I’m not sure if they were pre-live or post-live.

We’re missing a couple of mods:
Swim clear mask
Baby premium care kibble

When nobody is on tomorrow I’ll validate all the mods.

I cant think of anything else that would mess up damage numbers though. I’ll try to validate that, however.

Edit: forgot to mention I have a hatched Deino now. Meh. I also have scuba gear and found a few oil spots in the lake. Things are getting easier.

There are some oil veins in the mid latitudes – some far east and some towards the middle. They tend to be on rocky plateaus, and they are indicated by a white-ish rock with dark stripes – they look like a white walnut with chocolate drizzle.

Excellent spots, thanks for this.

In that second spot (the central one) there are actually 2 veins – one of them is underneath another big rock, which you need to break first.

Quick question since I’m getting Scorched Earth drops off of beacons. Is there a scorched earth area on this map? Any SE dinos?

Getting, “Mod mismatch,” upon connection so I’m updating the server. Stand by.

Now restarting.

And issues with the saved game state. Rolling back to most recent save.

Grrrr, still issues. Rolling back one more step.

All good now. Sorry if anything got lost there, I went back about 4 hours.

Ugh! You guys are going to make me come back and try this new map! I don’t have the time!!!

We’ll be here when you’re ready, Kelan. =P

Been on vacation. May have to install ark and mess around myy last weekend.


I’ve added three mods to Valguero.

Additional Dinos: Valguero - Adds some Aberration & Extinction dinos to the map
Hotbar Swapper - Gives you the ability to have multiple hotbars defined and can switch between them. I think this still needs to be configured on the server to work. I’ll be working on that.
Equalized Dino Levels - Dino levels on maps released by Wildcard are weighted toward low level dinos. Levels 15 to 25 have the greatest chance of spawning. On the Center and Ragnarok they changed that and weighted it so higher levels spawn. This mod makes all levels have an equal chance of spawning. While I like getting 150’s like everyone else, seeing a 150 every 5th dino kinda takes some of the challenge out of the game. There is no hunt to find the “perfect” dino. And on the flip side, I didn’t want the extreme of the Island/SE/etc where only 2% of dinos are max level and it’s blind luck to find a good level.

I’ve also finally gotten the floating damage text to work. I tried several times to enable it via the ini, but it was always disabled. I finally added it to the start up command line and that enabled it. So now I can see how much damage my velons do as I machine gun down dinos!

Now for the funny Ark story.

A couple days ago @DinoRancher was out and about and was swimming in one of the lakes. (why? no idea). The local chapter of Piranha’s Angels paid him a visit and ate him just short of the shoreline. Me being the nice guy that I am, I used my ptera to pick him up after he respawned and flew him back to his body bag.

I drop him on the shore line and get ready to fly off because his ptera is nearby, so I figure he can take care of getting gear back. Then I hear “stomp! stomp! stomp!” and 135 carno charges up the beach at us. Since I haven’t dismounted, I just fly up in the air. Dinorancher, on the other hand, is stuck on the ground.

He tries to escape the carno by running into the lake. Gah! The local chapter of Piranha’s Angels is still waiting there for him. So he runs back to shore, where, Gah!, the carno is waiting for him. After a couple back and forth between death by piranha or death by carno, the carno eats him.

Then I killed the carno, got his gear and ptera and fly them back to his base. I don’t think was going to try and get his gear a second time after that.

What was especially funny for me is I got to hear him freaking out while trying to escape (Dinorancher is my son and our computers are in the same room). I laughed about this every time I thought about it for the next 2 days.