Arkham Knight's one dark night of chaos, control, and capes

Title Arkham Knight's one dark night of chaos, control, and capes
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Game reviews
When July 3, 2015

As a videogame power fantasy, Arkham Knight is a heady brew. It makes me feel powerful, it makes me feel smart, and it adoringly invokes a pop culture icon and multi-billion dollar franchise that even the stuffiest of non-comic book readers can groove to..

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The only disappointment for me is how flat Scarecrow is as a character. Maybe he's like this in the comics but I liked the way Doctor Crane was portrayed in the first Nolan movie and had hoped for more than a reprise of Arkham City's monotone villain (Strange, not Joker).

Lawful Neutral vs Chaotic Neutral is basically Law vs Chaos. I mean there are probably forums on the internet where white-knuckled keyboard warriors are debating the truth of their Neutral stance versus the idiocy of someone else's Neutral stance, but internet.

And Law vs Chaos is the essence of the Elric books by Michael Moorcock, whose writing heavily influenced the design of the original D&D. In fact I think the original D&D only had a single axis alignment system. I couldn't afford that malarkey and eventually bought Tunnels and Trolls. I made the right choice.

Anyway, amusing, insightful review as ever, but I'm a little drunk and had to get that off my chest. Now, I must away, for someone, somewhere on the internet needs to read my opinions. Away!

I think my favorite thing about the mostly forgettable Scarecrow in Arkham Knight is that it sounds like the voice actor is doing a Vincent Price impression!

also bux has great health insurance

First game to make me kinda wish I had a PS4.

Last paragraph says Gothan instead of Gotham

Many anonymous Gothans died to bring us this information.

That's not a voice actor, that's the great John Noble. John Freakin' Noble! ;)