Armageddon Empires

me three.

My offer still stands that I could look into porting AE and especially SI into Unity or something if Vic wants to work with me.

@arrendek arrendek, I’d seriously entertain offers to remake any of my games in a modern development environment with an improved UI etc. This is no way meant as a personal thing because you might be a famous game designer/coder mastermind (this is QT3 after all :) ) but my big concern is that it be with an established company that has the capital and track record to do it correctly and preferably somebody who really liked the game and wanted to at least keep the flavor of the mechanics and theme. I had a discussion a few years ago with a company but i think they thought it would be a matter of taking my files and basically translating them. It would have to be a from scratch project except for the artwork of course. that’s pretty daunting.

I’m just a guy with some free time and programming chops, so obviously it would be better if you could find a dev house that loves your work and would be willing to do it right. That being said, I’m available if you want to take that moonshot. :)

In fact, let me see if I can cook something up. A test for myself and proof for you. Just see if I can make a good interface for a game like yours. No promises on either side.

Me four. One of my all time favorites…

Add me to the list. I just went to install AE and SI on Windows 10 and seem to have misplaced the keys, with there being no sign of them in google mail, or the file I use to keep track of them normally.

Edit: I guess only Solium Infernum needs a key? It looks like AE is starting up without asking for one.

plus one more that would buy it on steam and give it rave reviews! Do it! Do it! :)

Well - depending on price of course, but I’d say that @Vic_Davis should have his 100 dollars back more or less by now :-)

I would pay the 100 dollars to put that game on steam. ;) And that’s not a joke.

I’d pay for a copy of this on Steam. I actually assumed it was on there and went looking for it one day, and was confused it was not! Same with Solium Infernum, I loved that game.

Of course, you have to make sure the game works well under Windows 10 first, sounds like there might be some kinks there. But if I ever ran across any of the Cryptic Comet games on Steam, I’d pick 'em up.

Not too long ago, I was lamenting in the Switch thread how well the CC catalogue would work on such a hybrid platform with a good regard for indie developers, but that the chances of it ever being remastered/remade seemed slim. But I would definitely buy every single one of them again if they were on Steam.

I’ve actually got AE and OC in my Steam interface right now, and both work fine under Windows 10. However, they were already installed when I upgraded from Win7.

Install shield starts up, the bar starts moving, then disappears. Task manager says there’s still an AEmpiresSetup running in the background,but it never does anything. I’ve tried it as an administrator and with several backward compatibility settings turned on.

And this is definitely not a recent purchase! For reference, this is a file I got from BMT Micro after asking you for a redownload link… oh god seven years ago.

I adore Armageddon Empires and have certainly gotten more than my money’s worth out of it. I was just hoping that I could boot it up again (and, like many others, would be more than happy to pay you again for a Steam version).

Add me to the fine list of people who would buy Vic Davis games on steam and thumbs them up.

I had three of his games on an old rig: AE, Six Gun Saga (liked that one a lot), and Occult Chronicles. I’d love to see a bundle of Cryptic Comet games on Steam. I think they’d sell better as a collection.

I would buy them immediately. I really enjoyed Occult Chronicles, but am too lazy to figure out how to install it again on my new computer. Steam would be awesome, and allow me to purchase and try the older games I never got a chance to try.

Step 1) Put the classic on Stream as they are.
Step 2) See how the response is.
Step 3) Remastered / Enhanced editions.

Step 4) Profit!

@vic_davis: Have you tried seeing if GOG would take them?

I’ve honestly moved on to other things. Lot’s of reasons I prefer not to go into and some are personal. 2004 to 2013 took a lot out of me. I am messing around with some board /card game designs. It’s a completely different beast from being an indie computer game developer. It’s easier in some ways and harder in others. Luckily I can treat it as a fun hobby.

I just want everyone to know that @Vic_Davis went above and beyond to help me get this eleven year old game running again, and I went back to it like greeting an old friend.

And then immediately died faster than Tom did, after I forgot to move some dinosaurs into an army. Doh!

Looking forward to seeing what you make in the board- and card-game space, Vic. Nothing else like your games.