Armed Assault Update with Screenshots

AA is essentialy Operation Flashpoint 1.5, an OFP sequel is still further out.

Press Release

Bohemia Interactive are delighted to announce that Viktor Bocan, the lead mission designer of Operation Flashpoint and the Resistance expansion has rejoined the team to oversee the ArmA project: “When I was asked to participate in finishing the ArmA project I had absolutely no idea how far it had progressed in the past few months. Now it’s not just an “extension” or something; the game has become a real successor to Operation Flashpoint in terms of scale, detail and possibilities”. says Viktor Bocan.

Development of Armed Assault (ArmA) is progressing rapidly and Bohemia Interactive is currently looking for a publisher. Armed Assault is now planned to be released in H1 2006.

Bohemia Interactive are delighted to take this opportunity to reveal some more of the exciting features and enhancements that will be found in ArmA and release new screenshots showing ingame footage.

Wow the view distance is impressive.