Ugh… that helmet looks horrible on him.


I thought Arrow skirted the edge of jumping the shark last season, after seeing Diggles new outfit, it seems that they have embraced shark jumping in all its glory. Blackneto indeed.


Poor Diggle :D
It’s weird, because Arrow usually does excellent in costume departament.

Nice to see Constantine in the trailer though. Hope he will recur in the future and I will forever hold hope he will get his own show on CW. Probably not Constanine/Hellblazer (if they wanted it they would have picked it up from NBC), but a show where he’s part of bigger ensemble would be nice.


A better look at Diggle’s new crime-fighting outfit:

The helmet looks a little better her, it may look better yet in a darkly lit action scene, one assumes.

For the ladies:


So much better without the helmet. From a functional perspective, that seems like a horrible helmet for a marksman/gunman.


Diggle sexy…I mean what…?


I’m still waiting for the nextBlack Cop/Black Driver crossover ep (this little phrase is one of the weirder parts of the fandom’s humor, IMO. At least on reddit, which is the only other place I really talk about TV).


You don’t think Diggle’s sexy? What planet are you from? I mean, I’m a raving hetero and even I think he’s sexy as hell.


Oh he’s super duper hella sexy, I got lost in thought there for a moment because he’s so dreamy.


Think the helmet looks dumb, but it might work in motion.


Additional Diggle Helmet Action

spoiler cuz IMG


I suspect seeing it while he’s in motion/action will look pretty good - those stills seemed to indicated as much, I think.


Agreed; that’s a costume that just says “I will fuck you up.”


I will have to see him in action because it still looks bad to me. Its like Ghostrider had naughty sex with Magneto and had a baby with no powers. “and we shall call him… Diggle?” Poor John, what have they done to you?



That was one scary character.


This was terrific, so good to be able to watch this every week again. As I suspected, Diggle’s costume worked better in action than in production photo/poses. Great return!


“Felicity Smoak, you have failed this omelette.”


Yeah, Blackneto works better when you’ve got something to do other than stare at it. I still wish they’d just done a full-face mask, Cobra Commander-style, but it’s not as bad as I’d feared.

I don’t laugh at loud at many of the one-liners in these shows, but that one got me!

I’m torn between my comic-nerd enjoyment of the cameo mentions of various DCU characters/organizations, and annoyance that they don’t just go ahead and use some of them for real. We saw a flight jacket with the name Jordan on it again, and of course Kord Industries was front-and-center. It does look like we get the HIVE this season, which was heavily foreshadowed at the tail end of season 3, so at least they’re ending the teasing there.

I’m not a big fan of the “six months later someone’s dead” thing. No one watching this show seriously believes that “happily ever after” will happen for any of these folks. Totally unnecessary to rub our faces in it. Felt like that scene was staged just to have a place to put Barry and Oliver together without messing up whatever continuity they have going.


I don’t think I can contain all the thrill-power that’s going to be coming my way in the current superhero tv run. Gotham, Shield, Flash and now this (not to mention the forthcoming all-star DC thing - and Supergirl) - THRILL OVERLOAD!!!

What an excellent opener. (Was it my imagination or does it look like they’ve turned up the production values a notch (as with Gotham)?)

OMG, Ollicity was awesome. I know I’ve expressed some grumpy doubts about Ollicity upthread, but I take it all back. His acting has really gotten quite good, matches hers, and they play well together, just really sweet and snappy.

Great villain.

Thea supercute and deadly.

Diggle in action looking less dorky than Diggle in the still shot.

Hell, even Canary looks great.

Unforseen twist re. Canary’s dad.

Tight pacing, great action.

The only downside, as with the Flash opener, is the curiously dodgy CGI (external train stuff, train explosion); but then I guess they’re saving their pennies for something spectacular later in the season. Plus also I agree with inefablebob that the tombstone bit seemed a bit out of place/laboured, although it is intriguing to wonder who’s under it. (My guess is Thea.)

I’ve got my popcorn ready for a couple of months of inner child bliss :D