Art of Rally runs on an idyll engine

Don’t know. I have it on Epic as well. I bought it at launch with a $10 coupon. I tried it again after Tom’s review, but I still have a tough time with it, so don’t compare your times with mine! I mostly drive away from the track and get reset all the time. I’m still not sure how to drive with the camera so far away from the car.

I think you usually come out ahead when we have our leaderboard battles in racing games :-) We have had some great ones.

I’ve only tinkered around a bit, raced one rally in career mode and picked one stage in a time trial attack. I’m not sure how I feel. It has the charm that Tom mentions for sure, but like @Rock8man I have some trouble with the point of view. It’s difficult to me to feel when my car is losing control and read how fast to be going around turns.

I did improve though. In my time trial, the first time I was at the 95th percentile. Knocked it down to 90, 80, 75, 40 with many restarts thrown in. I imported my Steam friend list so some of you are sent some invites. @Rock8man, it didn’t look like you connected your Steam friend list to Epic so I sent a manual invitation to Rock8man on Epic. I hope that’s you.

I’m all over the Group 2 scoreboards on Steam, so if you can’t see me then I guess the scoreboards aren’t cross platform.

Do you have an epic account? You also weren’t on the list when I imported my Steam friends. If you do have an Epic account, it would be interesting to see if we were friends on Epic if I’d see your leaderboard scores. There don’t seem to be a ton of players on the Epic leaderboards, looks like less than 2000. Any idea how many Steam has? Because of the leaderboards I may refund it on Epic and get it on Steam when it gets cheap. I’ve got plenty of racing games I could play.

I do have an Epic account and my Steam account is tied to my Epic account, so I don’t know why it’s not showing up.

As for player numbers - in Noormarkku, Finland, for Group 2 I am in place 1,852 on the leaderboard and it says I’m in the top 15%…

Are you Mr Bismark on Epic too?

There are a lot more players on Steam then. When I was in the top 40% in Noormarkku, I was ranked 479

This is a very common error, but if you’re looking for me you have to remember that tricky “c” : Mr Bismarck.

As my Dad would say, “like the ship, there’s C (sea) in it.”

My bad :-)

I’ll send you a manual invite. Not sure why you didn’t import though.

Heh. Opposite problem here. People always try to add the C, even when you spell it.

Yep, the leaderboards aren’t cross platform. I still can’t see your times @Mr_Bismarck.

Ah, that’s a bummer. Wondering whether to refund and go Steam or just enjoy the Epic version with some forum competition/times. I recall having some great races against you on Dirt Rally!

I’m wondering that too geggis. We have @Reemul and @Rock8man. Maybe the four of us is enough to have fun time chases. There may be more people on Steam though. Hmm, I’m not sure what we should do yet.

yeah I am an epic purchaser only.

I’ve only just picked up Art of Rally before the sale ended so going to have a thrash on it now and see what’s what.

I just made it to 703rd for Group 2/Noormarkku and that’s listed as top 5% for Steam.

Something that speaks to how the cars are just little boxes and do handle differently is that my friends list on this combo has everyone setting their best times in a different car.

If you aint first your last! Shake n bake!

I tried the itch demo and the constantly-changing camera was jarring to me. Anyone else?

I played some on Epic before the sale ended and as much as I like the presentation and feel of the cars, I remember why I stopped playing Dirt Rally: losing control of my car after an otherwise decent run is a very specific kind of infuriating! Successive attempts I got worse too! Art of Rally might look chill and cute but it’s still a proper rally game (which, to be clear, is exactly what I expected and thought I wanted). I tend to drive in first-person or on the bonnet/fender so the bird’s eye/third-person view took some getting used. I welcomed the extra visibility and lack of co-driver barking in my ear though; that definitely took some cognitive load off. Shame I was pretty hopeless at it otherwise because it seems like a really cool rally game! :-) Another time, I think…

Not for me. Abrupt camera view changes can happen when the car changes direction to quick because of oversteering or doing inadvertent donuts.

I’m currently racing in the 80s campaign. The cars are much faster but they’re also harder to tame compared to the cars in early 70s. The cars do have different feel over the time. I often find myself skidding off the track as if 80s traction control was poorly constructed.

Anyway, I’d really like to know how do they simulate AI driving in snowy and foggy condition? This is the occasion where I can’t help thinking this is where the AI “cheats” because how could have the AI driven this fast in super low visibility and slippery condition? I can be trailing behind the AI for more than 10 seconds in some of the difficult weather conditions.