Artist for Robin's comic continues to get worse

From Robin #135:

It’s almost as if DC was trying to kill off interest in this book.

[size=2]EDIT: Fixed issue number.[/size]

Page 1 looks like someone spilled their ink, but decided to just go for it anyway.

Is there a new inker on the book mayhaps?

I can’t even tell what’s happening in that first page.

Or the second.

Funny you bring this up as just last thursday a few buddies of mine came over and they had just picked up some comics and the latest Robin was one of them. We were all laughing about how bad the art is. It looks absolutely terrible.
I wouldn’t read it but my buddy is a big Robin fan.

Panels? We don’t need no stinking panels.

Why exactly is a comic book being scribbled?

I really dislike the character designs on top of the art. Robin looks like the fourteen year old who’sjust put on the costume for the first time rather than the seventeen year old experienced young man who now wears the mask as he’s portrayed in the Teen Titans comic.

Is that Chris Bachalo? I loved his stuff on Gen-X, but I picked up Steam… punk(?) and couldn’t understand what was going on. This looks better than that, but still fairly incomprehensible.

According to DC’s Web site, the art and cover were done by Damien Scott. But here’s the cover:

That looks nothing like the art above.[/img]

Again I ask, who’s inking this? Because it seems to pretty clearly be that persons fault.

If he’s inking his own pages he’s got to stop.

He’s a tracer!

He traces over … his own drawings!

Let’s get that robot inker, Batt, to handle it.

Everything will look like a Top Cow comic.

Bachalo used to be a great artist. His work on the first Death limited series and his run on Shade the Changing Man were pretty cool.

It’s a shame about Robin. Willingham is a good writer.

That is by far the worst comic book art i’ve ever seen.

It does look like he’s doing his damndest to imitate Bachalo circa Generation Next. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have the ability to draw a clean picture or guide the viewer’s eye the way Bachalo once did.

So what’s Bachalo up to these days?

I saw that SteamPunk book he did a while back. Totally unreadable.

We’re not the only ones to notice:

I haven’t been able to find any samples, but Googling “Sandra Hope ink” yields a small number of positive feedback and no complaints, so maybe this is an example of an incompatible artist/inker combo. Remember the Hulk issues with McFarlane art inked by Terry Austin? Man, THAT was hard on the eyes…

Does Damien Scott always draw like this, or is this a recent change? It reminds me of how great Frank Miller and Bill Sienkewicz used to be before they started intentionally drawing badly…

You gotta be real good before you get to draw intentionally bad.