As god is my witness

… I thought turkeys could fly.

R.I.P. Gordon Jump.

Though he’ll always be remembered as Mr. Carlson, we shouldn’t forget his stint as a child molester on Diff’rent Strokes.

First John Ritter and now Gordon Jump. Who’s next, Fonzie? I feel like my childhood is slipping away.

The quote in tribute to Gordon Jump is one of the absolute classics. The Thanksgiving episode rates as my favourite WKRP epsiode. Gordon Jump was great playing a slightly out of his depth station manager.


I had no idea he was the Maytag Repairman.

RIP, Gordon. Another remnant of the era when Loni Anderson could be considered “hot” has been lost.

Loni Anderson. Bleah. I always thought the girl who played Bailey Quarters was far hotter.

Can I get an amen? It was the Ginger vs. Mary-Anne of the early 80’s.

Jan Smithers is da bomb!

Well, if we’re nominating worn out (female) 70s icons, you can’t forget these:

Mary Tyler Moore
Bo Derek
Farrah Fawcett

And the ever popular Marlo Thomas as That Girl. :)

None of them appeared in WKRP, Tim. We’re just debating Jennifer vs. Bailey.

Sorry Dave I saw a reference to Gilligans Island and lost my mind. :) I have no recollection of Jan Smithers.