Ashes of the Singularity: New RTS from Stardock and Oxide Games


We’re doing another evening stream and giveaway tonight at 9pm ET on our Twitch channel. :)


The February dev update for Ashes is up, and it’s a big one. :)


Holy shit!

The goal is that we want Ashes of the Singularity to be the “mainstream” game and Escalation be the hard-core game. This frees us to continue to evolve Escalation in ways that would likely be unappealing to mainstream RTS fans (more resource types, more unit types, deeper economic features, etc.).

And just to drive home the point how serious we are on this: We plan to give everyone who was part of the early access program a free license of Escalation (that’s about 100,000 free licenses).

Anyone who has upgraded to Escalation already or does so before we do this will get a lifetime pass Escalation DLC. And those who were part of our Lifetime Ashes Founder’s program will be truly getting a lifetime pass to Ashes such as sequels.[/quote]


So does this mean that all the Ashes base game dlc is coming to Escalation, for free if we own it before February 16?

I am confused.


This is already going to be the case.

What he’s saying is that people who bought Escalation will get future Escalation DLCs (as yet unreleased) for free.


Yes I know the dlc is coming over, that was mentioned months ago.

But are Ashes DLC’s going to be considered as future Escalation DLCS, and thus free? :)

As of right now the only DLC released for Escalation is an ebook and soundtrack.

Side note , I can’t wait to see how much better the game runs on my i7-7700k vs my i7-2600k.


Do we need both installed from Steam, or will we be able to run both from the escalation install?


You need both right now if you have DLC and want to play that DLC. In the future it’ll all be escalation no need for two installs.


Specifically: People who UPGRADED from Ashes to Escalation.


oh wait, you were responding to Kevin not vyshka. Was worried I mis-stated myself. :)


So…if I buy Ashes gold bundle (28% off) and then upgrade to Escalation for $20, do I then get everything Ashes now and from here on out? Or is the future DLC bonus only available to those that bought back when?

I always get tempted by Ashes, but I find it so confusing about what goes with what. This is even more true with this deal just announced.


Doing QA/polish on bringing the old DLCs forward to Escalation (gotta enable all the new units and such, then more or less rebalance everything), and man. The new defenses in Escalation in particular make some of those scenarios way more fun.

I mean, I liked ‘em when I built them the first time. But I just had a great time with a rebalanced Against All Odds (you and an AI buddy have to defend against 4 enemies as well as automated attack waves, but you get to build both factions’ defensive structures).

Which, of course, if I’ve learned anything from Ashes means that it’s way too hard. So I nerfed it a bit before sending it back to QA, heh. Never let it be said that I am…ungenerous.


I am so looking forward to this Kevin.

I’m always impressed with Stardock’s self reflection. While it might not make sense to staff why people get so confused with versioning, it did confuse those who might not spend every day keeping up with content. A little confusion creates lost sales, and further the loss of “talk”. In today’s world of choice, people talking about games is maybe better than the best commercial ads. Just so glad you moved to a unified and traditional DLC program for all future stuff vs. the way it’s been done.


I had played the first campaign in Escalation 2-3 weeks ago and had that crashing problem I mentioned above so I shelved it. I decided today to see if it still crashed with the patch, but it the game doesn’t seem to recognize my save game anymore. I looked in the folder and it appears to still be there, but the load screen for the campaign is empty.


If you care, I can send you a campaign file with whatever unlocked. I know in-game saves across versions aren’t terribly consistent.


I appreciate the offer Adam, but it was my save where I was about 75+% of the way through one of the last scenarios (I think the one above Dreadnoughts). I don’t think it was on the critical path to complete the campaign. I just wanted to see if I could finish off that scenario since I failed the first time (or maybe 2) and was having success. My campaign progress was maintained.


Anyone use the in game benchmark tool? I picked up a GTX1080 last year, and I know I’ve been holding back its potential with my older cpu/ram/mobo. So I tried the benchmark tool before and after my upgrade , took screenshots of GPU and CPU tests. Obviously the upgraded parts are faster, but what am I looking at when I see the one screen where I see all the %100 GPU bound batches?

OLD parts (i7-2600k/16gb DDR3-1066/P67 mobo)

NEW parts (i7-7700k/32gb DDR4-3200/Z270 mobo)


60 FPS on everything seems like you’re VSCAN/FPS-Lock bound?


Really had hopes for this and maybe I was just thinking it was going to be another supreme commander. It also get as good as performance as I would have thought on a i7-4790K, R290X, 16GB ram on a SSD running at 1440


New dev diary is up with a bunch of info on some upcoming map balancing changes. :)