Assassin's Creed Odyssey - It's time to Greek out

Where did you drop him off? Not that I want to, he’s still on my boat and I like him there. But I don’t have any quests with him? DID I MISS SOMETHING!

Also I’ve heard you can have Hippocratos on your boat, but I never got the option to invite him there =/

Same for me. Timed quests?? Sucks. But now I want to get all achievements so I’ll have to do some more boring quests.

One thing I never did (unless prompted from a few quests) - burn silos. Seriously?? Just the worst asshole-thing to do.

He gets a letter which starts a new quest chain, it was actually one of the more interesting side quests, imho.

I googled it, and its part of the Lost Tales of Greece free post release content they put out.

It triggered for me when I had finished everything else: lost tales, family quest, cultists, and closing off Atlantis.

For Hippocrates, I think maybe I transported him to Athens (for the plague?), and that was it. Or maybe I’m misremembering.

Hmm ok, I’m done with cultists and family but not Atlantis or Lost tales. I’ll keep stabbing.

Le sigh.

I figured I’d play some more of this today (I’ve barely scratched the surface-- found the spear of Leonidas for the temple priestess but not much else) and fire up Uplay only to have it tell me that it can’t find the game. So I point it at the installed game, and it says it’s going to verify files, but I click the button and nothing happens. No progress bar or anything.

Windows 10’s Task Manager reports Uplay is using 4.5% of CPU but for all I know that’s just what it consumes in the background anyway.

Well, I had to re-download 20-some gigabytes. Here’s hoping Uplay in its stupidity doesn’t make me start the whole game over again (as it has sometimes with other games).

I agree that the best games can combine good writing with good systems, although if forced to choose I think I will always lean toward systems, because narrative tends to be less interactive (except for a choose-your-own adventure element) and I have books and movies for that. Specifically with RPGs, the backstory/lore/overall ‘world vibe’ is usually more important to me than quality of dialogue, characterization, plot development, etc. I cut Elder Scrolls a lot of slack in that respect.

yep, I had this exact problem. It doesn’t affect my save game though.

Yeah, thankfully my saved game was unaffected. Kinda BS though, having to redownload everything.

History channel Invicta invited me to share my thoughts on Assassin’s Creed Odyssey’s version of Knossos, the so-called “palace of Minos” on Crete.

Video and many words here:

That was great, thanks! Like I mentioned upthread, the game inspired me to pick up Herodotus and Thucydides, so mission accomplished re: your closing remarks.

That’s great to hear!

I’ve often said that games like this (and movies, graphic novels, etc.) are “gateway drugs” to further engagement with the past, so I’m happy that the game’s inspired you to go and read Thucydides and Herodotus. I always find Thucydides a bit dry, but Herodotus is exciting stuff. ;-)

I was already 2/3 through the Persian Wars, but I’d put it down, so that was easy. I actually liked Thucydides but only got through a couple books before I had to return it to the library.

Deep into the DLC at this point. Well I’m in Hades let’s put it that way. Love the game and admittedly smitten with Kassandra.

As a followup to the video about Knossos, here’s one about ACO’s depiction of Mycenae (and some of the surrounding areas). It’s disappointing that the Bronze Age stuff in Odyssey isn’t up to snuff, but at least it gives me ample to talk and write about.

Thanks, I enjoyed that! Thought you did a good job pointing out the issues (and giving background) without sounding like you were absolutely ragging on the game devs.

Rumours suggest a little Ghost Recon in the upcoming Viking Creed. Optional 4 player coop, taking boats along waterways, hiding in snow and mud, as well as a bunch of more assassiny stuff.

If you google this,'ware spoilers.

Just saw the next one is due this financial year, so maybe Q1 next year… which seems soon but cool :)

75 hours of (mostly) enjoyment, finished the family plot, but the gorgon fight has me uninstalling. That fight is really everything I hate about boss fights in one tidy little package. Too long, too formulaic and patterned, and just generally annoying. Even on easy I died, so screw it, who needs a game making life more frustrating than it already is? I could probably get it if I was willing to replay it a few more times, but why on Earth would I bother?

Hm, yeah, IIRC the gorgon fight was the worst boss fight. I liked the other monster fights, though.

Actually, now that I think of it, what I really liked was the atmosphere leading up to the monster fights, especially going into Minoan Crete after the Minotaur (even though the labyrinth was frustrating at points). I really think the setting was the star of the show for me overall.

Yeah, I liked the other monster fights too, that’s part of the reason this one’s so distressing.