Assassin's Creed: Origins - 2017, Ancient Egypt, hawk spotter drone


So tempted to pre-order so I can pre-load.

When do the review embargoes lift?


Ubisoft review embargoes are 99% release day.

Except Syndicate was strangely 3 days early.


I’m very excited to play this and my kids will seriously love the “spectator” mode when they can get in the game and just wander around and check out Ancient Egypt. Since I just started Syndicate and Mario comes out on Friday, I’ll probably hold off on purchasing this until spectator mode is patched in.


I’ve never been a big Assassin’s Creed fan, but if they can pull off a similar vibe as Witcher 3 than sign me up. Usually just too much busywork in AC games.


There isn’t a hope in hell that the quests or writing will be anything like as good as the Witcher.


It ah, seems like review copies are out, he said, looking at some gameplay stats on his friends list…;)


Launch day stuff.

Day 1 patch details as well.


GMG keys are being sent out, I just got mine. :D


I’ll be curious what you think, especially if they upped their game in the story / quests. Also if they improved their combat.


I too would like to hear about the combat. I’m nervous about the life bars and loot chase aspects.


I won’t have time till Sunday to play, I have a few missions I still need to wrap up in Syndicate first.


Some spoilers, if you haven’t been following closely.


OMG is this game gorgeous. I just love the setting (I’m a sucker for games like the old [Severance:] Blade of Darkness that have an Ancient Egypt-looking level among all the obligatory other ones (Castle in Snow level, Mines level, etc.).


I’m avoiding these videos… do we know if the damage numbers can be turned off or toned down…?


Yes they can, it was answered in one of the video streams a few days ago.


Tom is streaming this right now on Twitch, btw…


Not sure if it matters for most of you, but the PC version shows a Denuvo EULA before preloading, so I’d say there’s a pretty big chance that the PC version uses Denuvo.


After watching Tom’s stream tonight, I took advantage of GMG’s sale +VIP bonus to pre-order.

Yep, I’m that much of a sucker. ;)


Frankly, it’s everything after the point I reached at the end of the stream that I think it going to make or break Assassin’s Creed: Origins. There are some cool tools in here, but for me what matters is the contexts where they can be used. I’m guessing once you unlock Aya, the game will open up and I’ll get a better sense for what sort of world it is and what options I have to interact with it.

But, no joke, that fuckerbullshit about having to swap out my weapons and tools is soooo annoying! Why can’t I have a selection wheel, or at least a game built around equipping them at a base? Ubisoft did the same dumbass thing in the last Ghost Recon. “Hey, everyone, use whichever guns and grenades you want, whenever you want, so long as you don’t mind mucking around on an inventory screen! Have at it!”

So frickin’ stupid.



You mean like in Rpgs? As in, you have an inventory, and thats where you store all your stuff and equip your character?