Assassin's Creed Revelation

Not in the same amount as they would be in the american revolution I’m sure? Thats what, 150 years later where rifles are suddenly a lot more viable as a precise weapon of warfare or combat.

And three AC games? None in the first that I saw - AC2 had guns? Brotherhood I remember the holdout pistol but not rifles and yeah, revalations had them, and its a bit stupid the way they are implemented there. Way to non-lethal in my opinion.

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Probably time for an Assassin’s Creed 3 thread now, eh chaps?

Damn! Could be awesome.

Agreed, an Assassin’s Creed 3 thread COULD be awesome!

That’s awesome.

AC3 = Last of the Mohican Assassins?

I just finished the Lost Archives DLC, and out of pure civic mindedness, let me save you $10. I find myself liking the austere visual design, and the use of audio and limited props in these missions - it reminds me of ambitious low budget theater productions. The gameplay is awful, and I still can’t believe I pushed myself through this.

Did you like the Desmond archive missions? Are you burning to know what it was like for Subject 16 growing up? If the answers to both are YES, then stop reading, and go get the Lost Archives DLC.

If not - this is what you want to know. The Lost Archives actually had more revelations than the main game of AC: Revelations. It gives a decent background for Subject 16 and reveals what happened to him and why that thing happened at the end of AC: Brotherhood. (I’m being a little vague in case anyone reading hasn’t finished AC:B.)

Regarding Lucy:

This is what went down.

Lucy was inserted into the Templars as a sleeper agent by the Assassins, who left her ‘out in the cold’ for too long. The Templars found out she was an Assassin and turned her. So the entire time Lucy is working with Subject 16 AND Desmond, she’s actually working for the Templars. Letting Desmond escape is part of the Templar plan so that Lucy can find out what the Assasins are up to and phone home. Remember that odd bit in AC: Brotherhood, where she wanders away for a while? Templar. Also, Desmond didn’t know, but you can’t fool the ghost of Minerva. Or Juno - I actually forget which space ghost/projection was running things at the end of AC:B.

Regarding Subject 16:

Here’s what happend to him.

Grew up in a working class family, unloved by his father. Assassins filled that gap for him. Someone on the team had a bad experience with psychiatry, but that’s neither here nor there. My tender feelings were hurt just a little bit. Back to Subject 16 - he’s sent to be captured by the Templars so that the Assassins can figure out what Abstergo is looking for in their DNA. He has an agent on the inside to keep him safe - Lucy is the mole in the agency. Except he finds out about Abstergo’s plan to put an Apple of Eden in orbit for Mind Control, and then finds out who Lucy is actually working for. So, dear Lucy doesn’t blow his cover, but she does lock him in the Animus and thus he goes crazy. Now, why Subject 16 doesn’t WARN DESMOND is unclear. Perhaps he was worried that Lucy was listening, and would do the same thing to Desmond? By the end of The Lost Archive, Subject 16 has a brief chat with Juno and is reconciled to his fate as John the Baptist, preparing the way for Desmond and helping him out. He also comes to terms with the fact that his Dad was an asshole. The end.

Thanks a lot for the info! I honestly can’t bring myself to play another Desmond mission.

That’s interesting about Lucy. I didn’t see any other indicator in the main games about that, unless I’m just dense. Shut up, you.

You may be dense but then so am I. That just sounds like filler material to explain why they did what they did with her. Kind of disappointed now. I just assumed she went out for some fresh air, cause it would kind of suck being stuck in a damp, dark basement.

I figured out the thing about Lucy about midway through AC II. Not through any magical clues, but just because if you look at the game as a movie plot, that’s what makes the most dramatic sense. Kind of like how by the first cut scene of Gladius you can figure out that Valens’ BEST FRIEND FOREVER Mr. Red Haired Guy Who I Forget His Name will become the antagonist.

PS: Now i want Gladius for iPad, goddamnit.
PPS: Just remembered: Lucius, I think.


Thanks for the spoilers? It doesn’t take a genius now to figure things out…

Are people playing the multiplayer? I just started and I am in crazy-love.

While rifling existed as a concept for many years, rifled guns didn’t see widespread use in combat until around the 1840s. While there were some rifle squads in the American war of independence, but they were few and far between. Rifled barrels in the 18th century were short, and loading them was painfully slow, even compared to muskets, because the minie ball (the direct precursor to the modern ‘bullet’ shape) had yet to be invented. The vast majority of soldiers were still firing smoothbore muskets which, more or less, couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn at any distance.

Following up to my previous post, this recent article from the New York Times is timely:

The Bullet That Changed History - How the lowly minie ball made the Civil War an unrelenting gore fest.

So I am playing this in anticipation of ac3. I have to say coming back to it not on the heels of brotherhood has made this very enjoyable. I think I may have just been creeded out before.

I’d be mad at this game, but they let me dye Ezio’s robes violet. So, there’s that.

I loved re-opening businesses and upgrading the city in Brotherhood, but now that those things make your notariety meter tick upwards, I feel like my main in-game activity is bribing heralds. I do NOT want to trigger one of those tower defense sequences.

I’m also confused by the inconsistent awareness levels of guards in templar dens, compared to the Borgia towers of AC:B. They seem to see me coming from miles away. I guess they tweaked that to make me use bombs? Oh yeah and so many chests, only filled with bomb parts. It’s like little bummer after little bummer up in this joint.

I just want to quote this post again, since I just started playing Revelations, but don’t plan on getting the Lost Archives DLC. Thanks for taking the bullet for us Jonathan Crane! :)

So far I’m really liking Revelations. Istanbul/Constantinople is really pretty. And I’m digging the hookblade. And I loved how the game started in that area from AC1. It took me a while to recognize it, since it’s been so many years since I played AC1.