Assetto Corsa - new racing sim by the developer of netKar PRO

Main Features
[li]DirectX 11 graphics engine[/li]> [li]Advanced physics model[/li]> [li]Accurate car dynamic modeling -Innovative artificial intellicence algorithms -Multiplayer races over the Internet[/li]> [li]Fully customizable graphical user interface -Immersive 3D sounds[/li]> [li]Official licensed cars (single seaters, Production, GT, GTR, historic F1 and GT cars, prototypes, and so on )[/li]> [li]Official licensed tracks modeled using Laserscan technology (modern, historic, closed tracks, open courses)[/li]> [li]Extensive support for user created mods[/li]> [/ul]

Lotus 49

Fiat 500 Abarth

Laser-scanned track

It looks promising but given the appalling state of netKar PRO when it was first released and the developer’s prolonged disappearing act following the release, I’m downgrading my expectations from OMFG to cautiously optimistic.

Any word whether they will continue to support nkPro? That hillclimb track is awesome but extremely buggy. If they polish it a little more I’d be thrilled.

Just bumping this old thread to see if anyone is using the RSR Live Timing app. We can trade profiles.

Here is my profile. I’m relieved to see it only takes a few laps to ensure that I’m not dead last!

The only thing that sucks is how hideous the app looks. But it makes me focus on turning good lap times instead of goofing around like I usually do. It’s also going to force me to finally learn heel-toe with these sim pedals so I don’t have to bear that mark of shame on the assist list.

Too bad there’s no integrated friends list and leaderboards that support this kind of thing. I wonder if that’s planned. Damn sim developers.

High praise and great commentary about the new AI patch that was just released. I wants it :)

I was playing the new AI races last night. Great stuff. They’re really aggressive.

They certainly are - they don’t seem to anticipate braking at all. Going into the first chicane at Monza in the Formula Abarth if you brake early to let the cars in front fall over themselves you’ll be invariably rammed by an AI from behind. They’re also horrible through the Lesmos and I have to be careful not to ram into the back of them through there.

But I don’t care, because it’s a first pass AI and racing other cars was an awful lot of fun.

THIS THREAD shows you how to make custom AI races. This means you can run the little Abarths around Vallelunga Club, for example, or the big Abarths around 1960s Monza, which is what I did and a 15 lap race there was awesome.

I haven’t tried using the AI with cars that aren’t shown in the quick events, but I’d love to throw a big field of XBows and Lotus 2-Elevens together. Those things are fun.

New update! AI for all cars now.

Update 0.6

  • All cars AI enabled
  • All tracks AI enabled
  • Improvements on track AI lines
  • UI quickraces enabled
  • Added theme module management interface (see Options/General)
  • Fixed position indicator changing in proximity to the finish line
  • First lap time in races starts when the starting lights are off
  • On screen time difference : (On/Off switch)
  • mesh collider system and terrain collision boxes
  • Reworked collision stiffness
  • Penalty system On/Off switch
  • Hide steer option
  • Smoke rendering in mirrors improved (also On/Off switch)
  • Look back buttons implemented
  • fixed some gui issues in endrace mode
  • Winning an achievement in special events unlocks the lower achievements
  • Fixed ambience sound volume
  • Improved positional audio for opponents when driving in cockpit or F1 cameras
  • Fixed opponents overall engine volume
  • Fixed distance scale volume for opponents engines and related extra sounds (skids, backfires etc…)
  • Fixed backfires exterior volume
  • Maximum exterior engine volume is 1.0 to prevent sample clipping and/or distorsion
  • Lotus Evora GTE physics bug fixes and updates
  • KTM X-Bow R aero modifications and setup fixes

AI in simracing must be really hard, because so many times its appallingly bad. I think Simbins Race07 series probably had the best overall AI so far, but its still not really good. The AI in rF2 seem like these in AC where they will often run you over from behind. Then again, so do many of the online humans in iRacing.

If you want to model real human behavior I think they need to add more factors other than just agressiveness and how the AI tracks to the defined racing line. A human (generally) weighs risk vs reward. On lap 1, the human will often take it easy and not force things because risk is not worth the reward. On the last lap, then I will take the risk if I need the position. A human will also get to know the other competitors and who they can race close to and who they must be cautious around. If I come up for a pass on an unknown driver, I will be much more cautious than I will in passing a driver whose driving style I know.

I can dream, right?

I think I will let this rest until release. I really like it so far, but it takes some time to get back into it each release.

The AI clearly isn’t polished yet. The Joux Plane track was cool, though I couldn’t make it up the mountain before I got distracted. The AC physics engine can’t handle big bumps on that track either. One time I put a wheel wrong and went flying! Pretty funny.

I’ll check back in a few months for v1.0.

The fortnightly update came out today with a new track, (Nurburgring GP), and a new car…

About to become my third favourite Lotus in the game, (49, 2-Eleven), no doubt.

Hey, third out of 172 ain’t bad at all.

A couple Corvettes added to the Dream DLC pack (with Nordschleife) that is supposedly coming in September.

I’m happy about this. I can only absorb so many European supercars. There’s something nice and simple about the Corvette. I loved driving the C6R version around Nordschleife in GTR Evolution.

Ah, that’s good news. I’m no fan of American Muscle, but I’m happier to see those come in than another 22 types of Lotus. I appreciate what Kunos are trying to do - attracting console gamers used to Pokemon car games with 500 vehicles to collect is probably hard - but I’m not sure I needed an Exige Scura added to the game as a separate car, just because it’s in matte black.

I hope Kunos can add in the Caddy CTS as well.

I am stupendously excited for tomorrow’s AC update, because we’re going to be given this…

Let us know how you like it. I have to play vicariously for a little while. Videos would be nice!

It’s lively, I’ll tell you that much. ~500 Horses, which isn’t really extreme, but it weighs about the same as an office desk and I’m having to use the same throttle style I use in iRacing’s Super V8 Ford Falcon - namely, pretend a tiny kitten has its head under the pedal. I don’t have any trouble under acceleration in the GSC Formula Retro, (despite my demise in the video I linked in the racing games thread), but here, the 312 will lose its back end a lot. I’m also having real trouble getting the brakes on smoothly without locking.

Looks purdy though.

Meanwhile, Kunos announced today that they’ve added the Nissan license. There’s going to be a GT-R Nismo GT3 to add to the McLaren and BMW GT3 cars already in the game. The most amount of fun I’m having right now is racing the GT3 cars around Monza, so another one to put in the mix is great news.

So how’s multiplayer going? Still not touching this again before 1.0. Just curious.

I’m also waiting but have been reading the steam forums now and again.

Apparently the multi is working well - but races invariably contain at least one idiot driving the wrong way around the track ramming people, with no way to vote them out. ;)

I’m having fun with it, but it’s as variable as you’d expect. I’ve had a really excellent race around Monza in the GT3s and some shady races around the Nurburgring. I haven’t yet seen anyone driving the wrong way, but I have thrown my MP4 12C GT3 into a corner only to find a BMW has decided to drift through the corner and is effectively parked sideways. That’s my own fault though for falling in love with “open” races, where you can bring any car. The Monza race I ran where some folks were in the Fiat Abarth 500 and some others were in the Lotus Exos 125 was high-larious.

Right now there’s no gating based on ability and no post-race feedback system where drivers can rate others and the ping differences from having a global population packed into a few available servers and make overtaking entertainig as cars blink around the track. It’s a bit wild west, but there’s a definite nugget under there that’s a bit of polish away from being really shiny.

If you want a controled experience, has hosted a few fun races (but not public).