Assigning Cores

I know how to assign which core a program can use after the program has started, but what I’m wondering is there a way to assign which core the program can use when it starts. For instance I’m getting ready to start my “Science Blaster Jr.” program and I want it to use only core 3. Is there a way to have the program use only core 3 when it starts without me having to go to task manager and set it’s affinity.

After doing a quick search I found this little utility at Tom’s Hardware.

Or this.

Do either of these utilities work with Vista? I’m a utility collector, and both of these are rather old (2004 and 2002, respectively).

Btw, Demorve, your link is double http’d. Might want to edit it.


Will messing with this improve performance, or is it better to just let Windows handle it?

I only use it for software that does work well with multi-core CPUs.

Let Windows handle it.

My experience has shown me that assigning which core to use for some programs has it’s benefit. Most of the older programs almost alway seem to use core 0 and if I’m using a newer program along with an older program I can change the newer programs affinity to a different core and it will speed up both programs. Also while I was playing SOASE last night I started to notice some serious slow down, I changed it’s affinity from 4 cores down to 2 and when I got back into the game the lagging was gone. It may have speeded up because I changed it’s affinity from all 4 cores to core 2 and 3 or it’s lagging could have been caused by something else and whatever it was ended before I returned to the game. I will note that I changed it’s affinity to a core other than core 0. I have noticed that if I let windows (xp pro) handle it, core 0 always is at full usage and the other cores don’t seem to contribute much. Remember that these are my observations and what’s really happening could be attributed to some other factors.

you don’t say.