Astroneer - survive, explore and build in a low-poly galaxy


I always have to restart Steam before games show up.


I’m on Xbox.


Ohhh, that won’t be released for another 45 minutes or so, 8am PST.


Spent the morning kicking this around with my brother, both on OG Xbones (he has an X, but for some reason want playing on it, I didn’t ask why). I hosted.

Single player, performance is just fine. Not great or anything, but just fine. Playable. Co-op online, though, wooboy. Performance took a huge hit, for both of us. It didn’t really matter if we were in sight of one another, but it definitely got worse when he took off in one direction while I was digging out a cavern down below. After he quit, my game got better.

The general game system has been enhanced since the last time I played, lots of cool new things to figure out, research and build. There’s still no story- it’s a Minecraft-style sandbox through and through. There are some mysteries to discover, though, and the various planets (as detailed in a little info encyclopedia thing in the game) look distinct and different, pushing you to go see what they’re like.

We might see if he can host on his X next time to see if we get better performance.


If only there were blocks in this game for creativity it would be awesome


Err? Is that a joke? The terrain is infinitely more malleable than Minecraft.


Unless they have changed since the last version, it is infinitely malleable only in a very rough abstract way. You cannot build, only shape.

EDIT - and by build I do not mean pile on more mass.


You’re absolutely right, if that’s a distinction you need to make. I’ve seen videos where people make buildings and stuff, though. You can use the various tools to shape things pretty well when you get used to it.


So I totally had a QT3 moment playing this last night. The time just flew by. I haven’t played around with it for a couple years, so I was really looking forward to this release. By the end of the night I had flown to the nearby moon in a small shuttle, and got off to a good start. The one thing I’ll tell folks starting out: Make sure you pick up all the research items you can find! You will go through lots and lots… and lots of research =) I encountered a few minor bugs in the terrain, i.e. missing strips or misaligned verts type of stuff, but everything else was pretty solid. I’ve read in other places and on Discord that multiplayer is a lag fest however. They broke something and everyone is at half FPS when playing with others. Hopefully they will get that sorted in the next few days. So folks: Who’s up for a server or some multiplayer once that happens?


I died in the tutorial 😭


So what are the thoughts on it? Is it good?


Looks great so far


I’m having fun with it, but it’s still buggy, or maybe my old Xbox just can’t handle it. It has crashed to desktop several times- one that was repeatable. I was on the moon, got back in my shuttle to go home (so it autosaved). Blasted off, got back to orbit around the first planet, selected my base as the landing spot, landed, excited the vehicle… and crash. Did it three times (started over from the moon save), crash each time. Fourth time, i just let it sit after landing for a minute or two to let the game catch up, and it worked.

Other times, I’ve been driving along and my vehicle falls through the geometry. My tractor has also been ‘swallowed’ by the geometry when I’m digging near it, just a little. Trying to dig it out results in it falling through the land, never to be seen again.

All that said, I’ve been having fun! I’ve just figured out how to bring a base to a new planet with me, now I’m trying to decide whether to go back to the moon, or farther out.


I haven’t played the game since it was first release on beta. I heard there have been lots of changes since then so I will have to re-download it~


No crashes, but I did have my tractor & rover fall through the geometry, always while trying to dig it out of some hole I fell in. This was super frustrating at first but I eventually got much better at managing the digging so it takes a fraction of the same time.

I am having a good time but it still seems a bit shallow. I wanted automation and large scale factories, which this pretty much is not. They do have it on the road map so I will be interested to see what they come up with, plus they are talking about mods.


So why didn’t anybody tell me about the drill head? I got confused and thought drill mods was the same as drill heads in the research panel.

Its not! Holy shit I wasted so much time running around without a proper drill head.

I am revising my opinion of the game and it’s simplicity a bit in the positive direction. The attention to detail and how things interact can be pretty interesting, more than it appears at first. I was surprised how much fun I am having upgrading my rovers and tractors and buggies (oh my).

The combination of things you can attach and how you can customized them for different tasks is more than it seems at first. So they very much went for depth vs breadth here, which was probably the right thing to do.

The game needs better adjustment of resolution and FOV though. I am still not super happy with UW 1440p and that’s with the hack I found on steam discussions.

Some random tips -
You have a compass, hover your mouse pointer over your man and look at his feet. None while driving a vehicle though.
You want a *([email protected]$#! drill head right away when you get a tractor or equivalent.
The band of stars that goes around the first planet is good for navigation in the east/west direction.


I ha e no idea what those mods are for. Anyone?

Started a real game last night and got sucked in right away. A couple of major changes to how things work for folks that haven’t played in a couple of years:

  1. your base now has power all the time. There’s no waiting for the sun or wind to charge up batteries that then deplete. However, you can use a generator or another supplemental power source to get intensive tasks like research finished more quickly.

  2. speaking of research, it has completely changed. You no longer unlock a specific item by completing research. Instead, you have a whole list of items you can unlock, each with different costs…it’s like a tech tree, minus the tree. So, for instance, last night I unlocked the research station, then a large platform to put it on, then a tractor, and am working on a trailer so I can carry more research items back to base.


The drill mods help with harder surfaces. Stone mountains for example drill down much faster with one, but take a lot more power.

The wide mode is the same, more power for a wider drilling area. The terrain analyzer is apparently a color changer basically, especially when used with the inhibitor mod. Need to play with the alignment mod next.


Oh, I forgot to ask, how do you get the ability to build up or flatten surfaces with your terrain gun thingy?


You need too craft a ‘container’ (i think that’s what it’s called?) on your backpack printer- I think it takes Compound. Then attach that to your gun. You can then switch between ‘Suck’ (down arrow), ‘Build’ (up arrow) and ‘Copy’ (Dash). For Copy, move the center dot of your gun target over a facet of the terrain, then when you hold down the trigger, it will essentially copy that facet across the area of your gun, sucking and building as needed. Great for flattening an area, or building a ramp up or down, etc.