Atlassian Apps vs. Gitbhub Enterprise vs. TFS : Fight!

So my new job wants me to choose a software project management/source control/bug tracking/wiki tool. My boss like Github Enterprise, the senior architect like Atlassian, and the company already has an investment in TFS. It could go any of those ways…or another. Anyone have any user stories about any of them? Are there any other platforms you might suggest we look at?

We’re moving from Jira to TFS. Gonna be a huge bill.

We’ve been using TFS for years now, and the most recent version is perfectly workable. And the integration with Visual Studio is pretty top notch.

That said, we are starting to move to Git (and I think Github Enterprise specifically too). Its moving project by project, and mine hasn’t moved yet so I can’t compare and contrast.

Is there a reason you are moving?

You could always host/manage your own (or host on Amazon) with Gitorious, since it’s open source:

You can also use TFS and git together with the new visual studio tools for git. Details here:

I’m an Atlassian fan myself, but the hosted TFS+git (free for teams <5) looks cool and surprisingly non-intrusive/lightweight for a Microsoft product.

If you’re using Visual Studio, TFS is such a default choice that it’s not really worth looking at anything else, I think. The integration into Visual Studio is deep and well-done, and no third-party tool will be able to match it. If you’re not using Visual Studio, you’d be crazy to use TFS, and should absolutely use Github.

We are doing games in Unity, Objective C, Java, etc. .NET is used for backend services. We have a lot of vendors working for us who are small shops and use their own instances of git and Atlassian. My job right now is to convince them all that we should use a centralized platform. My feeling is that small/medium game devs would be much more willing to use Github than TFS.

I wasn’t part of the decision, but there is essentially a directive to use more open source tools and technology.

I wanna point to Gutierrez’s Hanselman post – Microsoft is moving to support Git just as natively as it supports TFS in Visual Studio… no third party about it.

Curious about this, my company is thinking of moving to Jira soon

No, they’re supporting git as a source-control provider in TFS. (TFS is more than just version control.)

Well, that is what I meant, sorry if it’s not clear. I wasn’t disagreeing with you about using TFS, just advocating using both TFS and Git. I.e. Git for source control and TFS for everything else. As opposed to TFS for everything.

God I hate Jira. Course I hate everything else as well so this isn’t a particularly helpful datapoint =)

Interesting. I love Jira (not having used GitHub Enterprise, so not a fair comparison). While I’m sure TFS might be better for a Microsoft shop, I’ve had great success with Atlassian products. And if you’ve ever had to use Sharepoint after using Confluence, you’ll hate Sharepoint just that much more. But then again, free apps like Dokuwiki are better than Sharepoint, so meh.

Daagar - Foswiki! :P

See, that just makes me more sad that we have to use Sharepoint :( Worse, no one uses it right. It is a glorified shared drive with everyone’s Word docs, that were useless and outdated to begin with. Awesome. /derail

Could be worse. You could be using mediawiki.

Is there any reason to use the TFS tools for bug/project tracking if you aren’t using the source control? And there is no way you should use the source control if git is an option. I’m forced to use TFS, but I use git-tfs as a front-end so I can have a sane workflow.

For version control we only use git; generally speaking, not having a github account is something people around here consider a red flag on potential hires, for various reasons (open source participation among them) – but this is silicon valley.

My limited past experience with Jira (and Atlassian in general) left me running away screaming. What a God-awful UI.