ATOM RPG - The Fallout everyone wanted


I looked at the wiki page and the best damage per action appears to be the 3 upgrade to the pistol, only costing 2 ap to single fire and doing the2nd highest damage in its class.

I’m curious how were you set with armor, sidekicks, and what kind of weapon did you use? I’m not wanting another repeat of Pathfinder: kingmaker…


Nothing really new to add to the thread except that this game has really sunk it’s claws into me. It is slow (all the walking plus almost always being encumbered) and I think my build is poor but I’m loving it too much to start over and do things again with a better build and a more efficient path through the early quests.

That said; I’m 6th level and starting to run into multiple quests that are certain failures. Mostly this seems refreshing as my character is viable but not able to do everything. After years of games that do everything they can to give alternate routes so that all characters can do all things it feels nice to fail (and realize that most of these failures would not be solved by save scumming a RNG or waiting for a few more skill points).


Review by RPG Codex. Haven’t read it yet but it seems interesting.

Btw if anyone still hasn’t read their review of Fallout 4, do it :)


Do you get perks or anything for leveling up? I’m level 4 and haven’t had that option yet. I did get a streetwise perk from reading a book, but that’s it. I didn’t take any of the 2 “distinctions” you could choose at the start and I’m hoping it isn’t some weird reverse bug where I have 2 “virtual” distinction choices already chosen or something stupid like that.


Link? Their search function does not work.


Yes, on the character tab click that button with dots on the left, below the one that says “Next Teammate”. I completely missed it on my first run too, so don’t feel bad lol.


OMG you are SHITTING me. Dude, I didn’t even know there was a Next Teammate button. There should, literally, be a blinking button when you have an ability to pick. Every time you open your character sheet it should blink.


Yeah we should start listing BKMs for this game…it took me awhile to discover that.

Also last night I just stopped to sell some loot to some scavangers I ran into, I normally ignore them but this time as I was selling my heavy loot I noticed they had 3 recipes for items I could make I hadn’t bought yet! I’m stopping everytime and checking now…

Anymore tips? :)


Warning, it is long. But amazing. So many specific examples of things…I wish every game could get review as detailed as this.


BTW - Any perk tips? Fast Hands for -1 AP for pistols and Eagle Eye for +50% critical chance with rifles seem to be the standouts, but involve going down separate trees.


Yes, the MOST important one you are ever going to get. For reasons that are not entirely clear, there is absolutely no way to cure addiction other than ‘waiting it out’ more or less. Since it has adverse stat effects that sort of sucks.

The problem comes in that any chems you use, even Stimpaks, you can get the negative effects of addiction. There is no drug in game to remove addiction, you either have to visit a hospital or simply wait. You also seem to become addicted rather quickly. However! In the perk tree on the ‘north branch’ one of the final perks removes any form of habit forming from stims / drugs.

Can’t advise strongly enough how useful that is for obvious reasons, not just the healing but you can ‘juice up’ on multiple chems and become quite a force to be reckoned with not having to worry about the nasty consequences afterwards.

That being said, I have a love / hate relationship with this game. It feels so ‘almost’ for me but it is just missing that little thing that is nudging it into really wanting to play. The writing and particularly since its an Eastern European developer is rather good.

But the interface / game world / skills have a certain amount of EE euro-jank that is off putting to me. shrug


I’ve seen an online guide that says Think Like the Enemy is great.

How long does it take to wait out addiction?


Ive found it takes about 24 to 48 hours. The horrible thing is you can’t just pass time, you end up having to travel while you withdrawal. I found you can rent a room for 8 hours at a time too OR you can rest 12 hours before your hit the withdrawal state. that knock your time having to run around the map a little… :)


There is a drug to cure withdrawal but its pretty expensive to buy early on.

One thing to be aware of is that caravan sellers list of wares is level dependent - the automatic weapons with burst fire option don’t appear until you are few levels in like 6-7.

Vendors stock also appears to be restored every 3-4 days.

Also when healing companions you can amusingly put food in your equip slots and attack your companion to heal them - this also works with any stat enhancing items.


Thanks. That’s not quite as bad as I had feared after getting addicted.


I don’t know why but I LOLed when I read this! Can you do this when in combat? :)


Probably, though I haven’t tried it myself. If items cannot be used in combat it says so in the description.


There are no adverse effects for addiction I think, only withdrawal? I went several in-game days with no issues just pumping myself full of stimpaks every once in a while to keep withdrawal away.


You can pass time. Open map and look for rest option in top left corner.

Sorry for multi reply spam, I’m on mobile.


Rifle line of perks is very strong. Crit perk while useful doesn’t start to shone until you get weapons with flat crit chance bonus. Also the penalty reduction for shooting in darkness is a complete waste if you pump your rifle skill to 199. What is excellent however is the Witcher perk which doubles damage to monsters and animals. Considering that you have fights vs 4 to 5 wolf alphas with 110hp each that is a very useful perk to have, especially if you’re playing solo or with dog only.