ATOM RPG - The Fallout everyone wanted


Yeah food can’t be used during combat like med kits however when you haven’t been spotted it’s a good time to down those items which give 30 minute (game time) buffs.

By far the most dangerous enemies I have encountered are grenade throwers the aoe damage and splash can easily ruin companions.


Finally finished. I’d give the game a solid 8/10 overall. The story in the end had a pretty good twist, but it was a little undercooked. Progression pacing towards the end really suffered, I only got access to top tier rifles in pretty much the last location of the game. The fights in the same location were also pretty hard but I managed on Normal with a lvl 21 lone wolf sniper + dog, after injecting myself with every drug in my inventory and liberally using steampaks every turn. I don’t know if these fights are even possible with melee, and if you bring companions they will most likely die. I had to tell my dog to stay behind in one of the hallways because enemies made swiss cheese out of him otherwise.


Bat --did dog survive?


Of course! As a dog owner IRL I went above and beyond to protect my virtual buddy :)


Pumping yourself up with a bunch of drugs is a good idea (only in video games, kids!). How many attempts did it take?

Writhing in drug withdrawl next to your companions corpses seems like a suitable ending for a post apocalyptic rpg.


Only 2 attempts for each fight. Key to success was shooting once (I was lucky to have the Remington rifle as well) and then move around the corner, forcing AI to waste APs. I’d also devote entire turn to stimpak treatment plus some movement if necessary.


I still love this game but I’m becoming more conflicted. Mostly because of the walking! I feel like I’m going back and forth on the overland map all the time and overland travel is Slow.


Ok just figured out who to build the 3rd upgrade to the pistol… this thing costs 2 AP to fires and does 6-17 damage each shot! I got the Perk to decrease cost of all Pistol shots, which means it cost 1AP to do 6-17 damage for 5 shot clip in one turn I do 30 to 85 damage in a turn! Get some AP rounds and I’m ready to take on the big robot in the bunker I ran from a few hours ago.

I’ve got close to 100,00 grand with all the salvage I got from taking on the salvage yard. Thinking I’m going to buy those insanely expensive Military Armor at the K shop.

FYI this changed happened within one hour. I was firing 3AP for 5-16 damage, getting in 2 shots a turn (with 1 ap for pivoting) equaling 10 to 32 damage and an hour later my character was taking down up to 2 enemies.with 30 to 85 damage a turn.


I just completed the 2nd to last battle, it was brutal but I managed to beat it by ordering my people to retreat and aggressive turn to turn to prevent them from charging ahead of me.

I soaked up LOTs of damage, and used a insane amount of stimpacks but everyone survived including my rescued slave who did her job and drew a little fire.

I had to reload once because I armed allies with grenades, that was a HUGE mistake, talk about friendly fire! Restarted the battle and took their grenades away and stood up front drawing fire and shooting with a few shots, healing, and rearming my grenades when I could get them off.

I had to take out the heavy gunner enemy FAST. He was burst firing and doing damage to his friendlies, but he also threw grenades which was hurtling my team BAD!