Atomic Heart - Soviet Bioshock

What’s this nonsense about finishing a game a month before it’s released?

It happens a lot, I’ve noticed. I guess this is when work starts on the Day One patch.

Sounds like the 90s again, which isn’t too bad when you think of it in a weird way, management-wise!
Now, the race against the clock has begun to get the contents to the CD-ROM press! :P

Looks like the first hands on previews are starting to drop. This one seems pretty favorable:

Hmm difficult combat & sparse autosave points; lucky for me this is on Gamepass.

So happy to hear this is looking good!

I don’t normally mix politics with gaming, but I think I have to on this one. The developer is a Russian company. They’re technically based in Cyprus for tax reasons, but any money you spend on this is going into the Russian economy. Their website does (or did) include a disclaimer that user information might be provided to Russian authorities, in keeping with the current mobilization laws (article about that on gamesradar linked here)

Maybe this is incorrect. I hope so, because the game looks cool. Also, I’m not suggesting what others should or should not do. I’ve made my own decision, but to each their own.

That ship has sailed w/r/t Game Pass.

I might have to play this game just for the world building itself. Such interesting environments shown in that video.

what the hell

I assume it’s some kind of joke about how popular Hogwarts Legacy is right now. I think.

Uh… I feel bad for Jensen Ackles.

What, why, that was awesome!

It was amusing enough. I approve it.

PC Returnal out a week before too. Shooter frenzy!

It’s pretty amazing that the trailer exists. For a long time people didn’t think the game really existed. Now it is about to come out, they are poking fun at Hogwarts, and have Jensen Ackles in a trailer? Of course it was cringey, because all celebrity cameos in video games are cringey, but there is some bizarro world pull there.

Why does everyone but me seem to know who Jensen Ackles is? Is he in some big pop culture thing that I missed out on?

Edit: Oh! He was on last season of The Boys! I thought I recognized him!

Jensen Ackles can do no wrong.

Can’t believe they’re releasing a game called Atomic Heart on Feb 21 and not Feb 14, Valentine’s Day. It was right there.