Attack of the Sports Threads

I just checked EE and I saw only four unread threads, namely THESE:

That is just CREEPY. What did you sports nuts do? Perfectly conspire to discuss each major US sport in perfect rotation? BIZARRE COINCIDENCE OR DEVIOUS JOCK PLOT?

Also, what is it with all these sports? You’d almost think they were kind of like… um… games… oh, wait…

NHL and NBA are in the playoffs, MLB just started and NFL just announced an end to the lockout!

Thank you sir, now I don’t have to actually read them, yet I feel fully caught up. Ahhhh.

Isn’t it time to give Sports a category of its own? We only want stuff that is interesting here in EE!

Maybe we could roll it in with another forum.

Politics, Religion & Sports.

Looks like a good fit to me!

You missed the College Football thread…

Let’s talk about the fact that Repo used the GAF thread naming convention for the Portal 2 spoiler thread. Now who’s running a devious plot?

You should be happy that for the most part we keep our sports discussion limited to one active thread at a time. Go look at other boards - people start new threads for some specific sports item each time.

QT3 has some of the tamest, friendliest sports threads on the internet. It is refreshing after visiting some of cesspits that other forums become during playoffs.