Audio issue

I want to run my PC and my XB360 system through my Logitech speakers. I have a splitter of the appropriate type, but while the XB360 sound is great, the PC sound is muted. Plugged into the speakers seperately, they both work great.

What can I do to get full sound from both at the same time? Is there any kind of booster device that works for audio like they have to boost video signals? Would a KV switch with audio support work?

The signal loss is caused when the signal splits and the XBox grounds it. It works the other way around because the PC isn’t grounding the xbox’s signal.

You need a proper circuit-switching splitter that works like railroad points.

It’s the Xbox’s fault. The same thing is true of the original Xbox. My console-to-TV RGB adapter is one of those universal ones, where the console end splits off like a squid into connectors for all the major consoles.

So, my thought was to have all the consoles plugged in simultanously, with the logic being, as long as only one console is turned on, it should work.

And it does, but only when the XBOX is disconnected. The other consoles all act like terminators for signals coming up the “wrong way”, so it gets to the TV set at full strength. Except the XBox, which causes serious signal loss. So, I my guess is that the xbox grounds the signal.