Audio Sync Problem in PC Gaming

I’ve noticed in the last couple of weeks that the audio seems to be preceding the video in most of the games I play. This is most evident in the lip syncing in cutscenes.

Has anyone encountered something like this and know of any way to adjust it on the PC? Regular video/movie files seem to play fine (games are only where I notice the issue) which makes me wonder if it’s an NVidia issue or something I inadvertently messed with in settings.

My hardware:

i5 2500
8 GB Ram
Nvidia 560Ti

My audio is the onboard audio from a Gigabyte motherboard. Pretty standard Realtek stuff. I’m running the most recent build of Realtek’s drivers.

Thanks for any help.

Just curious, but are you using an RCA or optical out (or HDMI)? If you have another option available, have you tried it?

From where? Windows update, realtek or your motherboard’s provider?

Might be worth trying a switch.

RCA, I guess. Three lines out of the mboard right into my Logitech speaker system. That’s the only way that I can connect to these speakers.

Windows Update shows that I’m current. I was originally running drivers from Gigabyte but I switched to Realtek’s to try to solve the problem (didn’t work).

Any other speakers you could try in order to eliminate them as the source of the issue?

I’d try the ones from your motherboard’s maker. They’re not always stock drivers.